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   Chapter 44 Lock Her In The House (Part Two)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 8959

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"Let me go..."

With her eyes wide open, Tracy struggled to free herself. There was helplessness in her voice.

Just when she was struggling furiously, she was grabbed by Brody by the collar and lifted up by him.

She struggled in a panic, but failed to escape from his grip.

Then, she was threw hard on the big bed.

After Tracy fell to the ground, she immediately stood up and ran.

But when she just got up, she was pushed back to the bed and pressed down by his strong chest.

All of a sudden, she was engulfed by the air of wild and manly.

Completely irritated, Tracy turned her face away from his face.

She grabbed his strong arm with both her hands and dug into his flesh with her nails.

The sudden pain made Brody frown and pull her arm away from himself.

He then twisted her wrist on top of her head.

Feeling hurt, Tracy stared at him angrily and shouted, "Why are you restricting my freedom?"

She felt a puff of air in her chest.

Her face was livid with rage.

With a straight face, Brody drew a fine rope from a corner of the bed.

He twisted her wrists over her head and tied them up to the bed.

"No --"

Tracy was so scared that she screamed.

"How could you treat me like this? I'm going out for a date. You're just jealous, jealous,"

Tracy struggled and shouted.

The more argued the rope on her wrist, the tighter she was. Tears of despair finally fell from the corners of her eyes.

"Shut up. I gave you the chance. It's your choice."

The word "date" was like a sharp sword, piercing into his heart.

"You are crazy..."

Tracy cursed, with a sobbing tone.

After helping her tie up, Brody patted her face which was full of tears with his cold hands and said, "I have no time to waste on you. You are so unruly. After I leave, you either jump off the building or turn the room upside down, so I have to tie you up. Don't blame me for that."

Tracy couldn't hear any word from him anymore. She was just staring at his merciless eyes sadly and desperately.

"Be good!"

After he tied Tracy up, he patted on her face for several more times to show his strength. Then he stood up, turned around and left without looking back.

The door was slammed shut with a bang, and Tracy closed her eyes.

Hatred, mixed with anger, turned into despair in the end.

The room was so quiet that she could hear her own breathing.

Time passed.

Not far from the bed, her phone rang.

She blinked her bright eyes.

"After spring, autumn comes. It's easy to leave. There is only lovesickness road left in the Mountain Alliance..."

Her phone kept ringing and vibrated to shift location.

However, she could

ound her wrist and patted her on the face. And he continued to untie the rope on her wrist.


How could anyone make a sound?

She tried hard to open her eyes, but she only opened one of them.

She saw a face waggling.

After untying the rope, Brody got down on his knees and picked Tracy up.

"Tracy Wake up Don't sleep Don't sleep... "

Seeing her eyes wide open, Brody anxiously patted her face and rubbed her wrist.


The pain where her wrist was peeled made Tracy wince and hum in pain.

Satisfied with her waking up, he put forth more strength to poke her feet again.


She cried out in pain and her voice was clearer.

She widened her eyes and saw the face of Brody that she hated most.

She struggled to her feet and pushed him away.

Tracy then struggled and fell down to the bed.

Brody's anxious face returned to normal.

With that, Tracy directly sat up and moved backwards, her eyes filled with resentment.

She stood against the wall, staring at Brody with hatred.

Brody heaved a sigh of relief.

"Still have the strength to hate, it seems that I should tie you a little longer."

Enduring the sharp pain in her heart, Tracy turned her head to look out of the window and saw the darkness outside.

"Come here!" said Brody, fixing his eyes on the side face of Tracy under the dim light.

The dry tear mark made him feel fretful and uneasy inexplicably.

Tracy didn't move a bit and even didn't want to look at him with her eyes full of hatred.

"Do you want me to tie you up for one more night?"

He said in a low voice.

Turning her head abruptly, Tracy said through gritted teeth, "if you can, just stay where you are and don't let me go? Are you worried about me? Are you afraid of my death? "

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