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   Chapter 42 Just A Grass (Part Two)

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With a determined look on her face, Elsa hugged Brody even tighter.

"Knock it off, Elsa. Let's talk about what you have done to Tracy. If I hadn't hated her, you wouldn't have stood here and said those words to me."

A wry smile appeared on the corner of Elsa's mouth. Her body stiffened.

Sometimes he was gentle and attractive. Sometimes he was like a cold-blooded animal.

Then Elsa stood up and asked, "do you love Tracy?"

Brody frowned and said nothing.

"What is it?"

Elsa said obstinately.

"What's wrong with you, Elsa?"

Wearing an unhappy look on Brody's face, he looked at the strange action of Elsa.

"Nothing is wrong with me. I'm just too jealous of her,"

Said Elsa expectantly.

Brody's face darkened.

"Let's go inside and play!"

Brody turned around and walked away.

But he suddenly stopped.

Sitting opposite to him, Tracy stared at him, her heart sinking horribly.

She clenched her cold hands and walked forward step by step.

He stopped beside Brody and looked up coldly, "you knew it was her? "

Brody was stunned and didn't understand what Tracy meant for a moment.

It was not until Tracy caught a glimpse of the ghastly pale face of Elsa that Brody understood what she meant.

He didn't say anything, but stared at her coldly injured face with his calm eyes.

Apparently, she had heard all their conversation.

"Why don't you tell me? You hate me so much that you want me to die, right?"

Tracy stared at Brody coldly.


Tracy sneered in her mind.

On that day, after she had come back from the jaws of death and came back home, Brody had first disbelief her, and then he had found out the real murderer, but he had not told her.

Moreover, the "premeditation" quietly slipped away.

He pretended that nothing had happened.

As he did not challenge her again, she thought he had believed her.

He believed that it was not her who kidnapped Ray.

But now

It turned out that he had already known the real murderer.

His selfishness thoroughly disappointed her.

"Brody, you hate me, so my life is not my life, right? Your sister's life is the most important thing. So, deliberately kidnapping is a crime you turn a blind eye to. "

Tracy asked, her voice dripping with tears.

Her question made Brody speechless. Looking at her red face, he was unable to feel happy.

The death of Juliet was not caused by her, but by her father.


He shouldn't have such a sense of pity.


"What? I watched the murderer who had harmed me in a big horizontal and domineering way under my eyelids, but helpless, do you think I was making a fool?"

She sneered at his handsome face.

His face was cold-blooded and frightening.

Seeing this, Brody was stunned. And then, Tracy got rid of his hand again.

"Why are you standing here alive?"

Said Brody ruthlessly.

Tracy was so irritated that she started spitting out blood. The harsh sight sent a shiver down her spine. She looked up at him and asked, "what if I unfortunately fell down and died on that day? How could a person who had committed a crime act so naturally? "

No, she not only acted as if nothing had happened, but also became more unrepentant.

Didn't Elsa warn her in front of Brody just now?

"Are you kidding me What else do you want from me? Just because you were frightened, I put Elsa in prison? "

Brody cast a scornful glance at Tracy.

At the same time, he felt a little sad about Tracy innocence.

"What about me? What if I get hurt? "

Tracy shouted in a towering rage.

Then Brody held her in his arms tightly.

"Just a grass, how much do you think your life is worth?"

With grief and despair written all over her face, Tracy couldn't help but quiver.

"Haha Yes, I am just a grass. What else can I count on? "

She forced a bitter smile. She didn't believe that Brody will help her?

It was so ridiculous.

What did he call her?

She is his enemy!

Just enemy.

How silly you are, Tracy. '.

She lowered her head desperately, trying to hold back the tears rolling in her eyes.

Never again.

She had given up hope on him.

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