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   Chapter 41 Just A Grass (Part One)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7280

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As soon as Tracy's people left, Wendy behind her pulled Ben's arm and looked at him with naughty blinks.

However, she was disappointed very soon.

Ben, with a gloomy face, seemed not to be interested in her complacency.

"Hey! How can you be so ungrateful? "

Being pushed away mercilessly by Ben, Wendy shouted angrily.

However, Ben turned a deaf ear to her words and turned around elegantly, sinking his back deep into the sofa.

Wendy raised her tongue and licked her lips unhappily. Glancing at Ben's gloomy face, she went straight over and snatched the wine glass in his hand, and then drank it up.

However, the wine glass was taken away by Wendy all of a sudden. Ben turned his head quietly to stare at her innocent face.

Wendy was uncomfortable to be stared at. She looked up at him innocently, "look at your eyes. It seems that I have offended you somewhere."

Ben stared at her quietly for a few seconds and said indifferently: "your brother sent you to get close to me?"

After that, Ben was still calm and collected.

However, Wendy was stupefied when she heard this. A hint of sorrow crossed her eyes as she asked, "what do you mean?"

"Haven't I made myself clear to you?"

Ben stared at her, his cold face getting more and more charming in the flowing light.

"What does my visit have to do with my brother? You are being naive."

After a long time, Wendy looked at Ben in disdain.

Lucy lowered her eyelashes, turned around elegantly and said nothing more.

But Wendy was aggrieved, "Ben --"

She said with a bit of anger in her tone.

"You are judging me by your standards."

Ben picked up another cup of wine on the transparent tea table, still saying nothing.

Wendy had no choice but to shut up. Sometimes this man could be so annoying when he was silent.

The city was especially quiet at night.

The moment Tracy walked out of the casino, a gust of cold wind blew. She couldn't help but shiver.

The lights were as twinkling as stars at night.

She walked a few steps forward and was about to call a taxi.

A luxury and low-key car slowly drove not far away.

She was stunned!

The familiar car made Tra

Brody have been so powerful to find her.


Brody frowned and tried to suppress his anger.

He found it was meaningless to talk with her anymore.

As soon as Brody turned around, Elsa hugged him from behind tightly.

He stopped and glanced at her slender arm.

"Brody, you must have done it on purpose, right? You hate Tracy so much, but why do you still protect her? Divorce her, okay? "

Behind her, Elsa was crying with tears on her face.

Brody's back stiffened for a moment. When he felt that the body behind him was trembling, his anger was suppressed in half.

Turning around, he pushed Elsa away and scolded harshly, "Elsa, don't be naughty."

"No, I didn't. You know I set her up because I was jealous. I was jealous that she could stay with you, even in the name of your enemy. But what about me? I grew up with you. It's difficult for me to even see you. You know I love you. "

Brody Furrowing his brows more tightly, Elsa was looking at him with tears in her eyes. And he didn't know how to answer her.

"You can see me at any time you want. Elsa, don't be childish. You're too young to know what love is."

Finally, Brody could only say something nice to her.

"But it's different. I want you to marry me. I told you that if you divorce Tracy, she will say yes."

With a cry, Elsa threw herself into Brody's arms again.

"Brody, I don't want... I just want you to marry me and divorce her, okay? "

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