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   Chapter 40 No Conspiracy (Part Two)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 8640

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Perhaps, he had fallen in love with her since then.

Nothing could save him.

"It's none of my business..."

Tracy turned her head so as to avoid eye contact with Ben.

She stared at the glass table and murmured.

She couldn't tell Ben that she wanted to vent her anger on Brody.

Because she didn't like the arrogant face.

"Ben, do you know something?"

Suddenly, Tracy turned around and asked, but her eyes met those of doubt.

She was stunned, and her heart beat with fear by his eyes.

She blushed slightly.


Caught off guard, Tracy met Ben's gaze. Ben suddenly uttered a "H'm".

Then he turned his head and stared at the wine glass in his hand.

There was an awkward silence in the room.

And it was Tracy who broke the silence first. "You must know something, right? Otherwise, how could you show up here on time?"

She knew that if she did not speak first, the quiet Ben would not open his mouth.

"That old woman is Charlie's mother."

Ben glanced at Tracy and said casually.

"Pu -"

The wine that Tracy had just tasted was all spat out by the words of Ben.

The wine splashed on her chest and the table.


Tracy coughed violently and tears filled her eyes because of choking.

Frowning, Ben reached out his big warm hand to pat her back gently.

"Slow down..."

Ben said as he patted her on the back.

Tracy took a deep breath and wiped the tears off the corner of her eyes. She rolled her eyes at rod and snapped, "it's all because of you. You said 'the mother of the Charlie'

The fact that the old lady was the mother of Charlie astonished Tracy.

All in all, she was that rogue's mother.

No wonder!

Charlie said to her in a serious manner.

"Mother? Charlie's mother was dying? Didn't this woman have an heir? What about Charlie's father? "

Tracy looked at Ben with confusion.

Quietly looking at her eager to know the answer, Ben said indifferently: "the father of Charlie is still alive."

Ben said with a teasing smile.

"What the hell is going on? The old lady's husband is still alive, and he has more than one child..."

At the mention of Charlie, she thought of Elsa all of a sudden.

There was no exception.

"Tracy, don't think too much. You're involved in it. It's very simple. Even if this woman's son and husband are alive, they have the right to deal with the property under their own name according to their own will."

Rushton looked at her with a serious face and patiently explained the situation to her.

Tracy nodded and said, "it's a matter of law, but i

ed at her with a cheeky look.

"sister in law..."

Wendy said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Tracy looked at the woman who was two years younger than her and asked.

Wendy Ye, was 19 years old and from Harvard University. However, she was very busy and had nothing to do but running around.

She once heard that Brody was scolding Wendy in his study. But it didn't work.

Tracy felt not comfortable when Wendy speaking. On the contrary, Tracy felt awkward.

"Humph I knew you were here as soon as I got you. "

Tracy thoughts were interrupted by Wendy.

The moment she turned her head, Wendy ran to Ben and grabbed his arm without hesitation.

Tracy was dumbfounded. She stared at the audacious Wendy, dumbfounded.

"Tracy, I'm chasing him!"

"Snort -"

Hearing what Wendy said, Tracy could not help but laugh.

"Really? I'm not kidding."

Wendy looked at her with a serious look, and the hand holding Ben was tighter.

"I believe you."

Tracy couldn't help smiling.

On the contrary, Ben looked indifferent.

He pushed Wendy away with displeasure and severely stopped her from behaving "improper".

Noticing that Wendy's face darkened at that moment, Tracy added.

"Well It's time for me to go back. You guys keep talking. I gotta go. "

Seeing them in a stalemate, Tracy hurried to leave the space to them.

Then she walked out and closed the door.

She sighed. Just now, looking at Ben with serious eyes, he was not kidding at all.

'Wendy was fooling around, ' she thought.

She knew that her brother, Brody, was a rival with Ben.

By the way Ben had talked to her before, it could be figured out that Brody and Ben were not just rivals.

He must be his enemy.

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