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   Chapter 37 Brody's Woman (Part One)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 7699

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However, it was too late. Elsa had slapped on her face hard.

"Snap -"

And gave Tracy a hard slap in the face.

Caught off guard, Tracy tilted her head to dodge the slap.

The sharp pain made her feel more angry and wronged in her heart.

Realizing what had happened, she blurted out, "I'm a bastard! You and your bother are both scumbags. One is a bitch, the other is a rogue."

Tracy trembled with anger, tears trickling down her cheeks.

After hearing what she said, Elsa pounced on her like a wild beast.

Tracy dodged, her hand sweeping over her hair.


The growl frightened Elsa.

Hands froze high in the air, Elsa looked at the angry Charlie in disbelief.


Then she added with resentment.

With aggrieved tears in her eyes, Tracy stared at Elsa.

With a livid face, Charlie looked at Elsa and asked, "what's wrong with you? Do you want to close your door and reflect on again?"

Said Charlie with a serious look on his face.

Feeling wronged and twitching her nose, Elsa looked like she was about to cry.

A strong sense of bitterness surged into Tracy's heart. She wiped her tears away, endured the humiliation in the bottom of her heart, and pushed away Elsa awkwardly and walked outside.

She was too weak, and Charlie and Elsa bullied her one after another.

"Come back..."

A stern voice sounded and she was pulled into another arms.

With resentment and struggle written all over her face, she tried to get rid of him.

Holding her in her arms, Charlie lowered his head and looked at the wild cat in front of him silently. Her resistance was ignored and his big hand fondled half of her red face that was beaten.

"It's okay. It's fair. Stop crying."

His tone was like soothing words at first, but then it sounded different.

There was a distinct sort of banter in his tone.

Tracy was so furious that her chest seemed to be covered with blood, and her face was as pale as limestone.

Did he think he was having fun?

Tracy wiggled her body which was controlled by Charlie in her arms, her legs twisting.

"You're really a shameless whore. Do you think I have time to play with you?"

She was unable to break away from Charlie's control. With anger and helplessness in her voice.

Her body trembled helplessly

smile. He stood up, walked up to her and fawningly smiled, "sister, what happened? She knows Brody, doesn't she? "

"Humph!" At the sight of this, Elsa immediately raised her head arrogantly, as if she would rather die than tell you the truth.

"Elsa, you are taking 'revenge'."

Complained Charlie.

"Then you go first..."

Elsa suddenly said with anger.

"Go ahead, I am all ears."

Seeing that Elsa did not continue to say anything, Charlie continued to smile.

"Why didn't you help me? I am the victim."

Then, Elsa pretended to cry.

Hearing what she said, Charlie didn't know what to say at once. He said, "don't cry You are wrong. She is a weak girl. Did she bully you or scold you when you came up? "

Said Charlie seriously.

However, he knew clearly that it was not as effective as he had imagined. It might just be a waste of time.

At first, Elsa wouldn't be angry when she saw Charlie's darkened face. But soon, she would be angry again.

"It's her shameless marriage with Brody."

Elsa muttered discontentedly.

But soon she found out that she did something wrong.

The smile on Charlie's face froze, and fear in the bottom of his heart disappeared in an instant.


The corners of Charlie's mouth twitched. She could not believe what she just heard.

"I say - she married Brody. Now she is Brody's legitimate wife."

As soon as Elsa turned around and saw the expression on the Charlie's face, she realized that she had blurted out the truth. In the end, she said angrily.

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