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   Chapter 35 Asking For Money (Part One)

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The more Charlie spoke, the more disgusted Tracy was.

She really didn't know how this kind of man could be qualified for the position of the president of XS group.

With her eyes fixed on Charlie's face, Tracy scornfully stared at his with a disgusted expression. But the disgust in her eyes was evident. And she looked more and more serious.

She thought that she was a person with a casual personality.

But under the specific occasion, she was still a child who knew nothing about the adult's world.

Charlie's eyes gleamed when he stared at Tracy's serious face.

He stretched out his long arms and closed the door of the office. Startled, Tracy turned to look at him.

That face was laughing without scruple at the moment, as if he had made a lucky escape.

Charlie smiled.

Sensing the sharp gaze from the old lady, Tracy was uneasy. She clenched her fists and said in a serious tone, "Mr. Xu, you will be the one to host that day's wine competition, won't you?"

Her seriousness was obvious in her eyes, but Charlie was so wayward.

Charlie didn't reply, but stared at Tracy with an evil smile, which made her face long.

She angrily rebuked, "the president of the Xu group is just a liar."

She stared at the man with burning, reproachful eyes.

Now she realized that she had gone too far that day.

"So you're the prizewinner that day? "

Seeing that Tracy's face gradually took on a ghastly expression, Charlie became more serious.

He didn't answer her question directly.

A dash of surprise flashed through his eyes.

He was not at home on the day of the wine competition and he was busy with work of the branch overseas day and night.

He had never heard of any result of the event from anyone else.

Because, it was just an easy thing for him to do for his stepmother.

He was not interested at all.

Thinking of this, Charlie looked at the innocent girl with a funny smile.

The disdain and teasing in his eyes were deepened.

Destiney is really a wonderful thing.

"You are the organizer. How come you don't know who the winner is that day?"

Indignant, Tracy shouted at him, interrupting his thoughts.

But when she saw the evil expression in Charlie's eyes, her heart skipped a beat.

"I wasn't there that day. If I had known..."


u, of course I'm doing this for the money. Use your words, I traded the money for my labor."

She said firmly.

"Do you know how much property she has?"

The corners of Charlie's mouth twitched.

"So, I have to see the old lady."

Said Tracy, taking the opportunity.

"Why do you think you can get the money?"

Tracy was furious. She glared at Charlie who looked serious. In fact, she didn't want to talk about it with him seriously at all.

"Based on the reputation of your XS group."

Tracy retorted coldly with an aggressive tone.

In a moment of astonishment, Tracy continued to say coldly, "of course, if you want to be a person who fails to keep your promise and destroy the Xu group, I can't say anything about it. After all, I don't have the right to prevent it, right?"

After Tracy indignantly finished her words, she managed to notice the stiffness of Charlie's face.

Judging from his voice, she could tell that he was not at home that day.

But the competition that day was fairly grand and brave.

It was well known that the head would win all the property of the old woman.

On that day, the man in charge made a guarantee with the reputation of XS group.

It would definitely be the headline of the news if Charlie spoke ill of her.

Once the XS group's reputation was ruined, the clients would order less.

Lots of people had been staring at Charlie's financial groups in the past, and naturally the other two large financial groups had to lose no time to placed obstacles in his way.

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