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   Chapter 34 Meeting The Evil Man Again (Part Two)

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 8135

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When she sneaked out of the room, the Falcon like eyes opened slowly.

He stared at the figure as if Tracy was his prey. After the figure disappeared, his mysterious eyes were still firmly staring at the quiet door.

Half an hour later, Tracy was standing on the street, overlooking the XS Group's building.

Soon, she realized how rude she was.

It could be said that in C City, the XS Group, the YS Group and the YT Group were three legged. They competed with each other overtly and covertly.

But the result was that neither of them could hurt each other.

Even if one company was trapped in a crisis, the head of that group always had the ability to turn the tide and keep others away from his company.

When Tracy realized that, she wanted to quit.

However, when she just took a step back, Brody's sarcastic face came to her mind.

Soon, Tracy called Ben.


"What's wrong? "

The magnetic voice went through the phone in her hand.

Her tone was cold, but it was full of concern and warmth.

Tracy looked around, her eyes sweeping the streets and the roof of the building.

She hesitated for a while and didn't know what to say.

"Tracy? "

Ben's voice came from the other end of the line.

Tracy licked her lips and clenched her fists nervously. What would Ben think of this early morning? " "I You... "

Tracy stammered.

"Then I'll go to find you..."

Ben at the other end of the line seemed to be reminding.

"Ben, it's okay Nothing I had a nightmare this morning, so I called you. "

She lied fluently.

She clenched her hands and suddenly realized the coldness in them.

She felt that she was really crazy. She called Ben in the early morning. What was more ridiculous was that she almost asked Ben to take him into the XS group building.


Ben asked with concern.

"Really. I haven't gotten up yet."

Tracy said in a low voice, pretending to be lazy.

After hearing her lazy tone, Ben didn't doubt anymore. He showed a little helpless on his face.

'you naughty girl.'.

Her lovely tone made him frown.

"Okay, then keep sleeping!"

He coaxed in a soft voice as if he was coaxing a child.

With a simple response, Tracy hung up the phone. Shaking her head, she walked forward while cursing her cowardice in her heart.

"Hello, I want to find CEO of the company! "

She thought it was unbelievable.

Unwilling to lose to the taunt of

, confused.

She turned around, and looked at Charlie.

She couldn't help nodding and thought, 'it really shows that he's a reliable man.'.

Charlie stared at her angry face with a snicker on her face, and her heart was filled with joy.

She had met him once.

That day, she refused him with resentment, but today she threw herself into his arms.

While saying that, she looked even more complacent.

He had never felt inferior because of his appearance.

When she caught a glimpse of her smug and mean smirk on her face, she glared at him with her piercing eyes.

"Do you really think you are so popular?"

She could see through her at a glance.

Surprised, Charlie pulled a long face and wrote down Tracy's name in his heart.

'How dare she do this in public? ' thought Charlie.

Not mercy at all.

Tracy was satisfied to see the expression on his face.

She was about to start her attack again to avenge for the 'kiss'.

She wanted him to know the consequence of flirting with her.

Knowing what she was thinking, Charlie said helplessly, "let's go, miss. I'll treat you to tea."

Looking at the quick turn of Charlie, Tracy followed behind him unhappily.

The people around were dumbfounded and looked at the people in front of them in disbelief.

"I'm here to get the money!"

As soon as Charlie entered the office, Tracy added with an aggressive voice.

Charlie turned around and teased.

"Good for you! You don't even need to sneak around!"

Tracy said with obvious discontent on her face.

She stared at the evil smile in Charlie's eyes and said, "I'm not kidding."

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