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   Chapter 32 Explanation (Part Two)

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As Elsa spoke, her cry grew louder and louder. The aggrieved cry seemed to make Charlie a little unbearable.

But he still looked extremely serious.

"Smart? What's wrong with her? How could she be as stupid as a pig to be fooled by a short message? "

Elsa cried and wiped her tears with her arm, as if she had been wronged.

Seeing his sister crying more loudly, Charlie rubbed her head irritably.

"Stop crying."

He snapped coldly.


Finally, Elsa burst into tears.

With a more impatient expression, Charlie stared at her sister's sad and bitter face.

"That's because Tracy is so worried about Ray that she was easily cheated by you,"

Said Charlie with a cold face.

A shiver ran down his spine.

Then, he remembered that she was forced to kiss by him this afternoon, and Tracy cried, asking him to make way for her.

At first, he only felt familiar when he caught a glimpse of the number.

So he just ignored it.

He didn't go to spy on his sister until Elsa came back stealthily in the afternoon.

As a result, he heard the result from the short and fat man on the monitor.

When it came to the rescue of Tracy and Ray, he heaved a long sigh of relief.

"Elsa, do you know what you are doing?"

Said Charlie with sincerity.

But Elsa's cry just covered all his words

He had no choice but to step forward and pull her arms apart.

"There, there, there. Let me have a look."

He began to comfort her helplessly.

Upon hearing that, Elsa lowered her voice and began to sob, but she still retorted, "brother, why do you help others? I just want to teach that bitch a lesson. She didn't divorce from Brody and even beat me. You only know that I put her in danger because of me. But do you know how she hit me last time?"

Charlie looked at her sister, speechless.

He cursed her in his mind. However, Elsa could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force, so he had to be reasonable.

Ignoring Elsa's grievance and accuse, Charlie continued to say, "do you think that Brody is really so stupid? If I were that stupid, I would have fallen into your trap. You and Ray would usurp the throne and make Brody think that it is Tracy who kidnapped Ray and wanted to blow him up. But have you ever thought about how shrewd Brody is? "

In the middle of the sentence, Charlie seemed to

ned and looked at her unpleasantly.

"I won't hit women."

Brody smiled and put his hand on her button.

Tracy suddenly raised her head. He didn't wait for her answer and said coldly, "except that time!"


Tracy stared at him with a scornful look.

"Pinching you doesn't count."

Brody seemed to see through her mind.

Tracy turned her head, not planning to argue with him.

Startled, Tracy lowered her head.

The buttons were unbuttoned by a large hand one by one. "What are you doing?"

She shouted and pushed his hand away.

Seeing that Tracy dodged him, Brody glared at the flustered little face fiercely. Suddenly, he realized that Tracy regarded him as the kind of people.

"Don't get my bed dirty."

After a short while, Tracy lowered her head and found that she still couldn't get changed.

And it was very dirty.

Her eyes fell on the bed where she had slept on. There was a very dirty mark on it.

She blushed with embarrassment and said, "I can wash myself."

Seeing that, Brody almost burst into laughter, Muscles on his serious face were twitching.

"Change your clothes by yourself or shall I continue?"

Said Brody in a deep and pleasant voice.

Tracy was startled. She said hastily, "I change them by myself. Please go out."

Her rejection made him more dissatisfied.

A few seconds later

"Get out of here --"

Tracy pointed at the door.

Brody kept motionless like a rock.

Hearing that, Tracy blushed and said, "then I won't change my clothes."

She turned her head and lay down again.

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