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   Chapter 30 Life And Death (Part Two)

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She looked at the fat guy desperately.

"Who on earth sent you to kill me? His target is me, right? Ray was just a bait at that time. He was innocent, right? "

With a cold smile, the man said, "you're right. I know you're smart, but you said I don't want to live. You're wrong. I really want to let you live, and the exit of this path is in your own hands, right?"

Tracy said with a cold smile.

Suddenly, a figure flashed through her mind. Brody, Would you be happy if I died?

Do you know my present situation.

She burst into tears in despair.

She was not God. She was also afraid at times of life and death, and she wanted to live on.

She didn't deny that there was a glimmer of hope in her heart, but

As time ticked away, Tracy was in complete despair.

"I only count to three. If you don't seize this opportunity, I can't save you..."

"Three, two."


Tracy struggled to stand up, her eyes reflecting determination and cruelty.

"If I want to climb a circle in such a high floor, I can't finish the task in the limited time. Since I'm dying, who paid a lot of money to hire you? Can't you tell me?"

She wanted to know who was behind all this.

She had no enemy in C City at all.

"Girl, this is the rule. You can't make such a rash conclusion unless you have to. How do you know that you can't make it? Don't forget, even if you want to die, you still have a cute child. "

Tracy turned her head to one side.

He happened to see Ray's tearful and helpless eyes.

Her heart ached. She cheered up ray with her eyes.

While Ray's eyes were full of helplessness and constant despair.

Tracy knew Ray must be scared.

"Girl, enjoy yourself We'll talk about it later on the road to hell. "

The man grinned ferociously, put away his gun, and turned to start his cold-blooded steps.

After taking a deep breath, Tracy stood up and looked at Ray.

She would never lose.


She had also thought about untying Ray when the man went downstairs, but even if the man removed her, could she escape?

The man would never let them escape so easily.

"Ray, believe me..."

She didn't care if Ray could hear her or not.

At this time, her desire to survive had already surpassed the fear deep in her heart.

Therefore, fear was fading away.

In order to take the opportunity, Tracy ran towards him.

The window that they had stepped out of the ruins

She couldn't help but tremble.

At the foot of her feet was a narrow "balcony" less than five centimeters wide. She had to step on it if she wanted to walk on. At the same time, she reached out her hand to a place that was less than five centimeters wide as well.

The wind was blowing from the worn-out top of the building from time to time.

The next second, Tracy carefully stepped on the narrow place.

Her heart began to race in her chest.

Lola was filled with fear again and her body became weak. Cold sweat started to break out on her body.

She carefully walked along. A gust of cold wind blew past, as if to hang the weak girl.

Behind her was an empty feeling. Tracy knew she would be thrown down the stairs if she was not careful enough.

The oval shaped building was very tall, different from other ordinary buildings.

A full two to three hundred feet deep

If she fell down, she would definitely be smashed to pieces.

"Package, the fire began Haha Exciting... "

Downstairs, the man's sharp voice suddenly reached her ears.

After hearing his words, Tracy couldn't help but shudder, her heart pounding with fear.

Fortunately, she made it.

She moved cautiously step by step

She felt as if she was going to faint from behind. Finally, tears streamed down her face due to fear.

If not for Ray.

She would rather die here than suffer this kind of torture.

While the wind blew, Tracy seemed to hear the sizzling sound set up by the package.

No way——

'that's too slow!' she thought with her eyes wide open.

Closed her eyes. Suddenly, with a strong will to die, Tracy sped up.

Tracy gasped.

She quickened her pace, no longer slowly moving her feet.

She could feel that the cold sweat on her back had wetted her cl


As she quickened her pace, although she was scared, Tracy was surprised to find that she could walk more steadily than before.

When they arrived at the destination

Tracy was relieved, but soon got nervous.

Now, she had to go back as soon as possible

She knew that time was running out, but the fat guy had been watching her closely.

The feeling of being in the air made her feel dizzy and cold sweat burst out.

Tracy had thought that she was about to give up.


There seemed to be another shrill laughter from the man.

Tracy widened her eyes in horror and watched the package being burnt shorter and shorter.

She found with fear that the package had been ignited to a spot about ten meters away from Ray's.

Tracy's heart softened, but she sped up her pace.

Snapped and burned

While Tracy cried helplessly.

"Please don't Don't... "

It was almost the end.

After a few seconds, she jumped down and ran up to the package.

Tracy quickened her speed, as if she had already forgotten to climb the 'precipice'

She fixed her eyes on the package.

The fear in her heart was getting deeper and deeper

When Tracy was about to make a final step, the package was burnt to an end.

In despair, Tracy closed her eyes, tears surging out of her eyes——

'no hope!' she closed her eyes, waiting for his reply.

The package was burnt to the end.

After waiting for a long time, no one answered. Tracy's heart sank at once and she fell to the ground.

Her bones hurt.

But fortunately, despite the pain after hearing the explosion, Tracy got up and wanted to set up.



A anxious male voice was heard, and a black shadow flashed quickly.

When she looked up, she was completely stunned.

Soon she cried with joy and helplessness.


Although Tracy was crying, she didn't know how to spell the word "Brody".

She was too weak to scream.

She saw the black figure, snapped the package as soon as the young man gave the order, and then hurriedly untied Ray.

Then, she tightly held Ray in her arms and comforted him.

After giving a sigh of relief, Tracy breathed a sigh of relief. The air was filled with danger, as if she had just survived a disaster.

She. As if she had forgotten to breathe.

She dared not to recall what had happened just now.

She looked at the figure dully

After a long time

Tracy stood up and walked away slowly.

Meanwhile, Brody held the frightened Ray in his arms.

Ray stared at her dully. It seemed that Brody just noticed another person.

He turned his head to look at Tracy, his face full of shock. Just now, he didn't find anyone else.

All he could do was to send the prompt to inform people to rescue Ray.


She wanted to say something, but was interrupted by a thunderous roar.

Tracy stared at him in disbelief, his eyes blazing with fire. Who wanted to kill her.

For a moment, he was speechless.


She looked at Brody, lips quivering.

It could be seen that Brody was extremely worried. At this time, he seemed not to get out of the tension of Ray's life hanging on a thread just now.

"Tell me, why are you here?" Before she could say anything else, Tracy started to explain. Her furious voice spread over her head again.

Tracy looked at him in astonishment. She didn't recover from the fear in a short time and didn't know what to say.

But soon she found that things were not as simple as she thought.

Looking at the man's furious face, Tracy seemed to understand something. She opened her eyes wide in horror.

"What do you mean?"

On the other hand, the alert Tracy seemed to notice something was wrong.

Brody smiled cruelly, approached her and said angrily, "what do I mean? Are you really going to let him die? "

He flew into a rage, leaving no time for Tracy to explain.

Suddenly, Tracy's blood was surging up. Grievance and grief welled up like the tide., Her tears. It was flowing out uncontrollably.

"Brody You Are you suspecting that it was me Want To hurt Ray? "

With that, a large amount of blood seemed to gather on her chest, and she couldn't even finish her words.

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