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   Chapter 26 Who Will Win The Championship

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Ray's attitude to her was much better. Tracy was curious, but what was more strange was that Brody didn't show up in the next week.

She couldn't help giggling. She was glad that Brody wouldn't come back.

On this weekend, Ray suddenly sat on the sofa with a sad face.

Being a little worried, Tracy walked up to Ray and asked while touching his head, "what's wrong with you, Ray?"

Ray's thoughts seemed to be drawn back to the present by Tracy. He raised his head, looked at her with his round eyes, and gesticulated, "why hasn't he come back yet?"

Ray looked at her pitifully while making a gesture.

With Ray's expecting eyes, Tracy's heart trembled.

She looked at ray silently and didn't know how to answer.

In fact, Ray was very obedient in front of Brody, but it was the kind of obedience that he obeyed every order. However, in Tracy's eyes, Ray seemed to be very reluctant to call Brody dad.

After a few seconds, Tracy shook her head, indicating that she had no idea that when he will back.

At the same time, Ray's face turned dark all of a sudden. Unwilling to disappoint a child, in the end, Tracy asked patiently, "why do you have to wait for him to come back? Is there any agreement between you?"

Ray looked at his sister with a tearful face and continued to make gestures. "He said he would take me out for fun this weekend. We were supposed to meet at 9 o'clock in the morning, but he didn't come back till 10 o'clock."

Looking at Ray who was about to cry, Tracy felt pity for him and said, "Ray might have something to do, so let's go play, okay?"

Hearing that, Ray nodded.

In the end, Tracy held Ray's hand and walked on the street.

She hated traffic jams, so she would rather go out in another way.

Walking is not like Brody who doesn't want to walk at all.

She took Ray to walk around the amusement park. However, ray seemed not interested in it at all.

Again, Tracy gloomily led Ray back.

It was autumn now, so she took it as a walk to comfort herself.

After walking out of the park, Tracy was suddenly stunned by the crowd of people in front of her.

Their road was blocked into a tight traffic jam. All the pedestrians stopped to watch the bustle, while some cars were blocked to the opposite extent.

Ray squeezed her hand on purpose when she was in a daze.

Tracy led the little boy forward.

When she finally managed to squeeze into the crowd, she saw a long table and a row of wine glasses on the table in the middle of the crowd.

Beside the table stood the respectful waiter, and next to him sat several big shots who looked to be very famous.

When Tracy was feeling confused and curious, a man in a clean and formal business suit stood at the center of the table and said, "ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wine competition held by our company. First of all, I want to make it clear that the wine competition is only held by a terminally ill woman in the name of our company. No matter who, you are welcome to participate in it. The one who wins at last will get all the property under her name. "

Hardly had the middle-aged man's voice faded away, a commotion broke out in the crowd.

Being surprised, confused, confused, skeptical, more doubt.

What's more, as long as you are interested, you can participate in it without any condition. "

This time, when the man's voice fell, there was another wave of shock in the crowd.

"Words alone are no proof. If we won, how could we really get the fortune of the old lady?'

Through the crowd thought, a young man had suddenly broken the silence.

With her bright eyes, Tracy, who crowded in the crowd, stared at the man standing in the middle of the table, waiting for his response.

That was exactly what she wanted to know.

They not only held the wine competition for no reason but also everyone can win the property unconditionally.

Said Tracy, feeling both funny and annoying. It was just like a pie falling from the sky.

The XS Group was a well-known enterprise in C City. As long as the XS Group showed up and held the wine competition for a woman, it meant that the woman behind the wine competition was not simple.

Incurable disease?

A word echoed in Tracy's mind, 'the woman suffered from a terminal illness and had no children to inherit?'?

Guessed Tracy.

"Young man, even if you doubt the woman behind you or that's a large fortune, you don't trust the XS Group's credibility."

The man responded smilingly. When he went back, his voice became more serious.

Tracy nodded.

But it made sense that XS Group would not ruin the credibility for wine tasting competition. No——

More importantly, the XS Group had run the business for several years.

If there was something wrong with the wine competition, XS Group's business would be destroyed in a flash?

As Ray was squeezed by the crowd, Susan held his hand tightly subconsciously. There was no denying that she was really int

rigued by the wine competition.

With a playful look, she kept her eyes on the staff.

"Then, what's the price for the winner?"

Some people just couldn't believe it.

Such a good thing seemed too ridiculous.

Tracy sighed in her mind.

People were always like this. Even in their dreams, how wonderful it would be if one day a lot of money suddenly appeared in the school. But when the day really came, he would doubt it.

"No no no -"

The man said "no" in a row.

"I have said it earlier. It's an unconditionally demand. I promise."

After his speech, the wine party started——

In an endless stream, they walked towards the table where wine glasses were placed. Of course, some of them were just bystanders.

There were also some people who didn't believe that wine games could make any money, and there were also some people who were already rich

As a result, as time passed by, the number of wine glasses on the venue was decreasing, and even the number of people who went there to have a try was decreasing.

"Thirty seven degree!"

"53 degree."

"Good scent."

"Twist style"

"The storage has been there for ten years."

At the venue, different voices came to her ears one after another.

"Soy sauce!"


A girl was standing at the venue, holding a glass of wine in her hand, hesitated, not knowing how to answer.

The middle-aged man, the host, said slowly with a smile, "little girl, I've told you not to get involved in this? It's not simply to taste wine as it seems. "

The middle-aged man smiled, took the wine glass from the little girl and announced that the other man won.

Then another man came up and won the man.

While Tracy was focusing on what was happening, the crowd fell into silence.

That was a sharp contrast to the previous uproar.

As it turned out to be the wine on the venue, many people guessed it wrong.

"Four years, pure rice fragrance."

"You must be in sword mountain's old cellar, chase."

"A seven-year treasure."

"None of them is right..."

The man pretended to be sorry and handed the glass to the lady who walked forward.

The lady put the glass close to her mouth, sniffed and tasted it.

Eventually, she frowned. Apparently, she didn't know either.

With that, a gust of excitement was stirred up in Tracy's heart. She really couldn't stand it anymore, so she'd better take the opportunity that no chaos was caused yet.

She bent down and said seriously to Ray, "Ray, aunt leave for a while, and I will buy you some chocolate when I make a fortune later."

Ray seemed to have no interest in her childish coaxing.

But his eyes looked ahead languidly.

"Ray, don't run about. Wait for me here."

After settling Ray, Tracy moved forward under Ray's permission.

"Let me have a try!"

Her gentle voice caught everyone's attention, followed by an uproar.

The middle-aged man, however, knitted his brows as he watched Tracy walking up to him. "There are so many onlookers," he added in an unpleasant tone

A chrysanthemum like smile bloomed at the corners of Tracy's mouth. "A fifteen year old girl doesn't come to taste the tea and it isn't really for fun. Do you think that I, an adult, will become a fun to taste it?"

After hearing what Tracy said, the middle-aged man didn't say anything more, but handed a glass of wine to her.

Taking over the wine glass with satisfaction, Tracy put her mouth close to her mouth and sniffed. A smile played at the corners of her mouth. Then, under the gaze of everyone who looked expectantly at her, she stated, "Double Dragons, mixed fragrance, reserved age, seven years and a day."

In an instant, a loud commotion came from the crowd.

The middle-aged man was immediately shocked, but soon he laughed, "it seems that this girl is really an expert. Then let's continue the competition. There are more than ten kinds of wine left."

"I'm only interested in it, not an expert,"

She said flatly.

Then, just like two or three people, came up to have a try, but all failed.

However, Tracy had the upper hand.

In other words, no one could be the winner of the wine competition.

"Is there anyone willing to give it a try?"

The middle-aged man looked around the crowd again.

No one responded.

The man cleared his throat and became respectful to her.

In fact, she wasn't interested in the bonus.

She took part in this competition because she liked wine. Besides, she was so curious that she wanted to see the real face of that lady.

"Now, I declare -"

"Wait -"

A cold, mellow voice was heard among the crowd.

On the other hand, Tracy's heart trembled and her face turned deathly pale.

She was so familiar with the voice,. She didn't dare to look back.

In an instant, all the people were stunned and looked at the elegant steps. The man who walked forward slowly.

His strength and the cold demeanor of him seemed to shock everyone in a short time.

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