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   Chapter 25 Let's Get Divorced

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After she was done with the loveless love between her and her husband, she turned her head aside, buried her face deep in the pillow and sobbed helplessly.

He stroked her smooth lower abdomen with his hand.

She moved her body in disgust, with her face still in the pillow.

Sensing her strange mood, his big hand on her silk like skin froze with displeasure, and his piercing gaze fell on the side of her face.


A cold voice came to her ears.

Tracy didn't reply. She closed her eyes tightly and bit her lips. Her injured right hand started to feel pain.

Getting no response from Tracy, Brody pulled her over and stared at her with a dark face.

Holding back the tears spilling over her eyes, Tracy stubbornly stared at that cold face that she hated so much.

He was silent and looked at her misty eyes. It seemed that he was looking at her.

A feeling of frustration rose from the bottom of his heart. Did she really hate him so much?

After a short while, she raised her head and looked at him with a resolute expression. "Brody, let's get a divorce!"

She said firmly without any hesitation.

Brody was stunned by her words and didn't respond for a moment.

A few seconds later, Brody's deep eyes suddenly stared at the obstinate face of Tracy, and his anger gradually began to burn quietly.

"Dare you say it again?"

His heavy voice restrained his anger but gave a fatal warning.

When his big hand froze, Tracy also became stiff.

However, she still defied him with determination, and continued to speak: "Brody, let's divorce!"


Suddenly, he flied into a rage and his voice was so loud that it seemed to crack Tracy's ears.

She couldn't help but tremble, her heart pounding violently.

As she expected, she saw the rage burning in Brody's eyes, and the veins on his forehead had already emerged.

At this moment, he was like an angry lion, staring at her fiercely, as if he would open his bloody mouth the next second.

After taking a deep breath and swallowing the sourness in her chest, Tracy forced herself to bear the heartbroken pain and looked at him coldly. "Brody, can you be reasonable? No matter what kind of hatred you have with my father, I don't owe you. I never owe you... "

As she said, Tracy's voice went up with a lot of emotions.

Her tears finally welled up in her eyes.

With the mix of sorrow and grievance in her heart, Tracy finally understood what it was like to be in pain.

Compared to her unstable emotions, Brody, though angry, restrained his anger the moment she burst into tears.

He didn't know why, but he couldn't neglect the pity that flew through his heart.

Brody looked at Tracy silently for a few minutes and sighed.

While Tracy stared at him with a bemused expression.

——The split thread

The sun was shining brightly through the gap of the curtains and sprinted into Tracy's bedroom. The whole room was immediately filled with warmth.

Gradually, a ray o

f sunshine kissed on her smooth forehead and she woke up.

She tried to sit up, but the pain of broken bones immediately reminded her of what happened last night.

It was as clear as a new movie As if she was repeating it.

After letting out a sigh, she rubbed her uncomfortable eyes and got up to get dressed.

She remembered what he said to her when she was almost exhausted and dying last night.

In a tone of threat and order, he asked her to take good care of Ray.

Despite her protest, she contradicted him in a sarcastic tone, "I am just a stepmother. I will mistreat her.".

However, Brody paid no attention to what she said and still forced her to take care of Ray.

Tracy forced a smile. The pain in her palm seemed to be shouting at the little boy, who was only six years old. "Cruel!" she said coldly. She believed that Brody left the little boy to her on purpose, because he deliberately tortured her.

As for Ray, even though she was injured, she would not haggle over with him.

It was a flower in bud, but he had learned the intrigue of survival.

Such a child was abominable, but she felt sorry for him.

Tracy was not the goddess, so she had not been so tolerant and merciless to hurt anyone, but——

Ray was only six years old. He lost his mother and became a mute victim of the night after tomorrow.

After Tracy had stayed in a daze in the bathroom for quite a while, she finally went to Ray's bedroom.

The baby was buried in the quilt, his chubby face was very quiet.

A smile bloomed on Tracy's face. Kids could be cute only when they were quiet.

When her gaze moved to Ray's eyes, her attention was immediately attracted.

It was a pair of red and swollen eyes, and her curly eyelashes were a little rustled because of tears.

With a pang of sorrow rolling in her heart, Tracy walked up to the boy and couldn't help touching his face.

However, when her hand reached Ray's cheek——

The pair of big round eyes suddenly opened. Frightened, Tracy took a step back.

Ray's big eyes dazzledly stared at her face.

With an affable smile on her lips, she asked, "are you awake?"

She moved her hands away, knowing that Roy didn't like her touch.

At first, she thought Ray would be disgusted with her, but on the contrary, his eyes seemed to be softer than yesterday.

But he was still reluctant to talk to her.

Without saying anything else, Tracy picked up a set of clothes on the bedside table, intending to put them on for Ray.

Right now, she was just a dutiful servant.

To her surprise, however, Ray pulled the clothes over and wore them on angrily.

Tracy said with a helpless smile, still keeping the tolerance.

Later, their relationship was not that stiff. Occasionally, when she was really boring, or had something to say to Ray, or ask him, Ray would suddenly "Ah...", "Ah..." and make gestures to her.

At first, Tracy didn't know much about gestures, but she concentrated on studying them online.

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