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   Chapter 24 I Ruined It

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It was evening when she finally woke up in pain, and she had been sleeping for the whole afternoon.

The moment she opened her eyes, she couldn't help but frown because of the pain at her hand, She was completely exhausted and feeble.

When she became completely sober, she found that Brody was changing the medicine on her palm.

Tracy was startled. She managed to sit up, but was then pressed down by a powerful hand.

She lay down on the bed again. About three minutes later, her hand was wrapped again.

Then he said in a cold voice over her head, "Tracy, you'd better explain to me clearly. What happened? About the flower."

Brody asked a series of questions in a cold tone, but he was totally unprepared to hear what she had said. Tracy sat up and looked blankly at his face which had changed into a devil's again.

"Explain what?"

Asked Tracy coldly.

In fact, she really didn't know what to explain.

She was the one who got hurt. What else did he want to ask?

"How could the flowerpot break?"

"Aha I broke it. "

"Is it your lover's flower?" Tracy continued before Brody could say anything.

Tracy said sarcastically.

Her eyes grew cold and her heart sank.

And in his eyes, her life was as cheap as grass, no... "——

Or it could hardly be counted as the lowest, the cheapest.

She wouldn't be able to withstand an ornament like a flowerpot.

Brody bent down, raised her chin with his slender fingers, and looked down at her, "that potted flower is her favorite, but you broke it. Is this the childish way you revenge me?"

Stared by Brody's dark eyes, Tracy was so scared that she even forgot to feel the pain in her chin.

His cold tone made her feel particularly terrible.


Tracy mustered her courage and asked, looking at him intensely.

"I don't think it's a naive way to destroy the thing you care most, which will make you sad and you will feel guilty..."

"Shut up -"

Said Brody coldly as he cast a sullen glance at her.

Tracy stopped, and daring to look into his eyes.

"I said I broke the flowerpot. I threw it away. If you want to kill me, just hack it into pieces."

Said Tracy with a louder tone.

At this moment, she was determined to die.

"No, I won't let you die. You wish too much."

As soon as Brody finished his words, he pushed Tracy heavily onto the bed.

"Brody, you asshole! Don't touch me!"

Tracy struggled and shouted as if she was crazy.

"Tell me, what's going on today?"

Brody stopped his movements and glared at her.

His eyes were so stubborn that a chill went over her heart.

"You don't want to tell me, do you?"

Brody stressed his tone and glared at her.

With no response, Tracy kept pushing away the breasts that had been over her body.

Tracy was ashamed and angry, glaring at the man and the woman furiously.

She kept shouting at him, "don't be so hypocritical, Brody. Will you believe what I say? You are just extorting confessions. "

She screamed hysterically. The nightmare on her wedding night came flooding back to her.

All of a sudden, humiliation and fear took over her.

"She has been waiting for it to blossom for a few years. Do you know? You've ruined her dream."

Suddenly, as furious as an irritated leopard, Brody tightly gripped her both hands, and her shoulders shook violently.

It was so painful that she almost cried.

She bit her lips, held back the tears that welled up in her eyes, and said sadly, "yes, I ruined it."

She admitted in despair, not willing to look at that face for even a second.

How cruel on earth was he to say that.

He said that flowers was the girl's favorite. It was not easy to see it blossoming.

How much he loved her, so he hated Tracy so much.

Tracy's attitude completely irritated Brody. He was so angry that he tore off her clothes, completely ignoring her injured left hand.

As Tracy tore her wound, tears fell down from her eyes. "To you, my life isn't worth a flowerpot, is it?" she asked in despair

She continued asking.

She felt heartbroken

She didn't know why she always wanted to quarrel with him

He felt like there was a stubborn cell complaining in his heart.

He was her husband, but he should treat her in this way.

Therefore, she wanted to know that she wanted to quarrel with him and vent her grievances and unhappiness.

Staring at his resolute face, Tracy said with a wry smile.

Stunned and released her chin, her smile seemed to have accidentally penetrated his heart.

He had an illusion that now, like a blooming beauty, Tracy was a withering flower

She looked gorgeous, but she sank into the depth of despair at an instant.

Her smile was too beautiful to be true, but it was heart breaking.

All of a sudden, Brody fixed his eyes on her little face and was lost in thought for a moment.

"You, are not qualified to talk about value with me, especially..."

Brody paused.

As if trying to give Tracy a blow, he said word by word, "your life!"

"So, I don't have extravagant hopes. Can you stay away from me?"

Tracy slowed down her tone and said in a weak voice.

She actually thought that Brody was schizophrenic. The second before, he wanted to beat her, but he pretended to have wrapped her wound.

"Do you hate me so much?"

Noticing the repulsion in her eyes, Brody glared at her.

Tracy saw the flames of fury in Brody's eyes, but she stubbornly resisted it and said, "Brody, don't think too highly of yourself. I hate you, but don't you hate me as well?"

"But I don't allow you to feel disgusted. Take back your expression."

Brody suddenly turned Tracy's face to face him and forced her to look at him.

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