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   Chapter 22 Embedded In The Palm

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"Ray, it's a pity to tear up such a beautiful flower."

Tracy knew Ray would not agree with her, but she was worried about those delicate flowers, so she couldn't help but try to persuade them.

As a result, Ray tore the flower, which stunned Tracy.

He actually put the petals into his mouth.

"No! Ray, it's poisoned. You can't eat it!"

In a panic, she attempted to snatch the petal Ray had put into his mouth.

"No way..."

The fight between Ray and Tracy was even more intense. She stretched out her hand and pressed Ray's hand tightly with her hand, while she used the other hand to snatch the half flower in his mouth.

Finally, Ray's strength was not enough and the petals were taken away by Tracy.

She was powerless, staring at the smiling boy stubbornly.

She frowned and couldn't figure out who on earth was this obedient child's mother.

The flower was prepared by Ray. He knew that flowers were poisonous, but he still wanted to eat.

"Who is your mother? "

With that thought, she asked.

As she expected, she got no answer, but one thing was wrong.

This time, the little boy was not staring at her expressionlessly. Instead, his eyes were hurt. He stared at her with such sad eyes as if he was blaming her for mentioning his mother.

"Well, forget it. But you really can't eat these flowers. Don't eat them."

Although Tracy knew that it was like playing piano to cow, she still said so.

After a few seconds of silence, Tracy attempted to put the flower on a proper place.

"Ah.. Ah... "

Hearing the voice, Tracy turned her head to look at the little boy, who was waving his hands at his furiously.

"What's wrong with you again?"

She sounded rather impatient.

The boy said nothing, but stretched out his hands to touch the beautiful flower on the table.

Tracy, on the other hand, also looked blank. He didn't speak or intend to do anything. She had no other choice but to stand there and watch him intently.

As a result——

"Snap -"

The porcelain basin was smashed to the ground.

To be exact, he was pushed down by Ray.

Tracy stared at the broken flowerpot in shock.

The bunch of beautiful flowers were laid on the ground, crying like desperate girls.


Tracy stared at Ray in a daze. She was thoroughly enraged.

Suddenly, there was a touch of hatred between her eyebrows

"Is it because I touched your flowers? You are willing to sacrifice it?"

She asked in a trembling voice. Her heart was broken.

She was near to a breakdown. She was mentally and physically exhausted because of a child, and at the same time, a feeling of despair spread all over her body. When she saw Ray's cold eyes, she knew that her guess was right.

The flower pots were broken because her.

"Why do you hate me so much?"

She sounded almost desperate, her voice trembling uncontrollably.

At the very beginning, the boy's appearance in the villa seemed to have been arranged by someone. Tracy began to doubt that Brody deliberately brought the boy back to torture her.

The boy still didn't answer, and his eyes were as cold as ice.

Tracy gave up thoroughly. She slowed down She was lifeless. She squatted helplessly and tried to pick up the debris.

She touched those tender petals gently with her fingertips. She loved them.

Someone reached out his hand and the petals were torn away.

Tracy was so angry that her face turned pale, and her body began to tremble helplessly. Her eyes were covered with a thin mist.

She watched the boy throwing the petals into the trash can helplessly.

A teardrop fell on the broken porcelain, making Tracy's heart tremble violently.

She scolded herself for being so useless, but she really wanted to cry.

Ray's temperament and ruthlessness were exactly the same as Brody's. or perhaps he was more bitter than Brody.

The broken petals were thrown to the garbage bin as Ray walked back and forth.

Tracy didn't say anything more. She just wiped off her tears in secret.

She reached out her hand and continued to pick up the broken porcelain on the ground. She must clean the yard

Tracy had thought that Ray would not stop her, but her hand was still stretched out.

Ray pushed her away and picked up the debris himself.

Tracy stared at him in a daze as he picked up the fragments. However, he was too young to collect all of them together.

After hesitating for a while, Tracy eventually reached out to give him a hand.

Ray took away the shards of the porcelain flowerpot again, while Tracy only picked up one piece.

However, Ray was still not reconciled and reached out his hand to grab the fragment in her hand.

On the one hand, Tracy's stubborn temper was triggered. On the other hand, she was afr

aid that Ray would get his hand cut by the sharp shredded porcelain. Thus, she didn't loosen her grip on Ray. On the other hand, she was afraid that she would hurt him in the fighting for her sword. Hence, she didn't open her mouth to see Ray. She reminded him, "Ray, let go of me. Be careful..."

Ray continued to pull the pieces with great strength, but all of a sudden, all of them were pulled away by Ray.

She was not prepared, so she was shaken.

"Ah --"

Her body was forced to lean back. All of a sudden, she felt a severe pain in her palm.

The broken pieces were deeply embedded in her palm, and her forehead instantly became cold sweat and gasped.

The hand that was pierced into the porcelain was soft, and the face was as pale as limestone, and her lips were bloodless.

Tracy grimaced in pain.


She struggled to her feet and let out a painful groan. After a pause.

As soon as she looked down at her right hand embedded in the pieces, she was startled.

There was a large pool of bright red blood on her palm, which was shocking. Her hand had already been covered in blood, as if it had been soaked in blood.

Feeling like a fishbone getting stuck in her throat, she managed to hold back her tears which were about to spill over her eyes.

She struggled to stand up. The pieces of blood in the palms almost melted into her flesh. It was impossible to pull them out directly.

Tracy was exhausted because of the pain.

Her body started to quiver.

It was deep

A word echoed in her mind.

She turned her head and saw Ray was still tidying up the broken glass as if nothing had happened.

As if it was none of his business.

She laughed at herself bitterly, what on earth was she expecting as a little boy?

In the study, Ray disappeared after picking up the pieces.

For a long time, no one came in.

As Tracy endured the great pain, beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. She tried to pull out the broken glass with the other hand, but it was too deep for her to pull it out.

The sharp pain gradually spread over his palm, and some part of his body, which was the softest, was more painful.

It was said that physical pain was never as painful as heartache and despair, because... Body is far less sensitive than heart.

Her heart ached and internal organs were pulled.

After trying for a while, the shredded porcelain was getting more and more deep. It was not pulled out but completely dissolved.

Tracy was disheartened, desperate and heartbroken

She didn't know what to do. Her hands were soft and she couldn't lift a tiny bit of strength.

And her body seemed to be trembling. She slowly moved forward. Every step she took, blood dripped from her hand on the ground, and instantly it surged to the ground.

When her body was about to step out of the door, a man shouted angrily.


Then a dark figure appeared at the door.

She tried to keep her mind clear and an accident flashed across her pale face.



She sneered silently, he was furious that she hadn't taken good care of the child.

"You take my words as the wind around your ears, don't you? Is this how you take care of Roy? How could he pick up the broken pieces himself? "

At the same time, Brody pulled Ray out of the room and glared at her.

And his eyes were blazing with fire.

She could tell that Brody hated her to death.

"Haha I didn't take good care of him. "

She sneered, with sweat and tears seeping at the same time, but she was unable to hold back her tears.

She was right.

It turned out that her beloved husband was blaming her, as a stepmother, for mistreating his son.

Tracy sneered, her face becoming paler and paler. She felt drowsy.

"Brody, I just want to bully him. What can you do with me? If you have the ability, take your son out and give him to the orphanage."

She added in a harsh tone.

After saying this, she seemed to use all her strength.

"You -"

Brody seemed to have burned all his senses, and his palm was raised high.

"Do it, just kill me."

Tracy closed her eyes desperately. Her cold voice seemed to immerse in the heart of the man.

Her heart seemed to be broken It hurt It hurt

She wouldn't expect too much of his pity, because she was nothing but his tool.

She was upset not because of Brody, but because of herself.

For her pity and sorrow.

As she spoke in a weak voice, the angry Brody seemed to have noticed that something was wrong with her.

He tried to slap him, but failed.


He choked with sobs.

He opened his eyes in horror, a pool of terrible blood spreading in his eyes. On the other hand, he looked at Tracy, her hand, her clothes

She was covered in blood.

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