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   Chapter 19 Fight (Part One)

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Tracy's soft body froze in place. She didn't say anything, but just put on a bitter smile.

Tears trickled down at the corners of her mouth, salty, astringent, and bitter.

"Are you afraid that I will abuse him as a stepmother?" She burst into tears.

"Right your position is enough."

"I don't need your hypocritical sympathy."

Suddenly, Tracy pushed Brody away with all her strength, got out of bed and rushed out of the room.

As it was already late at night, the streets were packed with people and vehicles. Tracy didn't care about it and just kept running.

It seemed that from which time, she had learned to run to relieve the unhappiness in her heart.

When she was tired from running, she stopped and gasped. Her lungs were dry as if they were about to burn.

Tracy was sitting on the chair next to the trees gracefully, leaning against the chair, with her arms on it. Her head slowly drooped, and she rested her head on her arm.

If she could choose, she really didn't want to go back to that suffocating home any more.

She had been tortured enough by Brody, and now she had a son somehow.

"Are you crying again?"

The voice was full of reproach and also affection.

A tall voice came over, and she looked at the man with red eyes.

Looking at Ben, Tracy couldn't help comparing him with Brody.

At the same, Ben was quiet and wise. Although he looked cold, he was very considerate to her.

He didn't mean to hurt people, but Brody …

He was rude, overbearing, unreasonable and confident.

She didn't understand why there was such a big difference between the two outstanding people.

"Are you making fun of me again?"

Said Ben. His deep eyes seemed to be able to read other people's mind.

She looked up at him, and he seemed to see through her mind.

He always talked to her in a spoiling tone. However, as for Brody, except for behaving overbearingly, he either gave orders to the journalists with cold eyes or just insulted them.

"No --"

Tracy stood up after wiping off her tears.

Ben came to her, stretched out his arms and held her in his arms.

But, like a frightened deer, Tracy was trying to dodge his hand.

Ben looked down at her in disappointment, and finally put his arm down. He knew that if he didn't let her go, this little woman would definitely get furious again.

He would be in trouble then.

Tracy turned around and wiped off her tears sullenly.

"Girl, are you still mad at me?" Ben said in a deep voice. There was something romantic in his voice.

"No, I didn't."

Tracy said indifferently.

"No ?" Ben gave in reluctantly and his face softened.

Taking no notice of her struggling, Ben lifted Tracy up and put her into the car steadily.

Ben pulled a long face and said to her silently, "Tracy, I regret that I didn't marry you."

However, Tracy was not aware of Ben's unusual reaction, and always thought of Brody.

At the corner of the street, a woman stared at Ben in a loss until he got on the car and left.

"Ben, stop the car. I want to go home."

After a while, she managed to keep her tears in her heart and said.

Home, she knew, sh

e had to go back, or else——

She had no idea how Brody would torture her again.

Ben gave her a glance and continued driving.

"Stop, Ben." Tracy said anxiously, dragging Ben's arm.

Tracy kept pestering Ben, which left him no choice but to pull over.

At this time, the phone of the Ben began to ring.

"Give her the phone."

A low voice was heard from the other end of the line. It was a playful banter.

Ben's eyes were also filled with coldness, while Tracy silently looked at him, and the smoke seemed to be lingering between them.

After a few seconds, Ben handed the phone to Tracy.

Taking over the phone but not saying anything.

By contrast, the man on the other end of the line seemed to be telepathic, so he threatened in a cold voice the moment Tracy picked up the phone, "do you come back yourself or want me to go out to look for you?"

Beyond Brody's expectation, Tracy said in a short breath, "come to me."

She knew that he said that on purpose.

As soon as Ben heard that, he snatched the cell phone from Tracy's hand directly, and Ben threw it back without hesitation and said, "she won't go back!"

"Mr. Yan, do you want me to remind you that Tracy is my wife?"

The man's voice seemed to be even colder. By listening to Brody, Tracy had sensed the fury from him.

"You are not qualified to have her."

"I'm not qualified. You took advantage of it."

When these words were clearly reached to Tracy ears, Tracy immediately got it. She was not a fool and she surely could hear the meaning behind Brody's words.


She was confused and questioned, looking at Ben.

The expression on Ben's face changed a little, but then he said with a nice smile, "is it a common trick of Mr. Ye to use dirty tricks to alienate others? Why not just fighting? "

"Haha In fact, You is just a coward. I am filthy, but you noble? Tell Tracy the reason why you fell in love with her. "

Brody continued with a laugh, deliberately hinting something.

The expression on Ben's face gradually changed by Brody's words.

Even though there were not many ripples on his quiet face, Tracy was observant enough to notice it.

"In the end, Mr. Yan, I want to remind you that maybe in your eyes, we are well matched, but in fact..."

After a pause, he continued, "actually You know. Tracy is my girl. Of course not. Technically, she is my wife, my wife, forever. "

Anyone could understand what he said. He was declaring war.

His tone, after the declaration of war, was filled with possession of Tracy.

"You're too confident."

A light of wisdom flashed across Ben's eyes, and his calm and cold nature was exposed once again.

"Tracy, come back in ten minutes. pick you up myself. You don't deserve it."

After saying the last sentence, he was also cut off by the other side.

In fact, after the end of the call, Tracy did not care about the last sentence of Brody. She was already immune to the violent rage of Brody.

What concerned her most was the words said by the Brody in the middle.

"What does he mean?" Asked Tracy in a particularly calm tone.

Her words made people become uneasy.

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