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   Chapter 18 I Have No Right To Refuse (Part Two)

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Her over reacting made Brody moved for a moment. He frowned and looked at her crying face. Her heart was hit hard.

As soon as Brody moved one step towards him, Ray grabbed his clothes as if he was seeking security.

After seeing this, Tracy turned around, ran out of the room and locked the door from the inside, regardless of anything else.

How could they do this.

In other words, she didn't mean to annoy ray, who was just a kid with a natural level deficiency.

Children with defects are usually more psychologically radical.

However, Brody slapped her indiscriminately.

Fortunately, ray was unharmed. If he was injured, or had an accident, Brody would kill her directly.

She was a human being and she would also feel heartbroken.

But he had never cared about that.

The more she thought about it, the more sad she felt. Her heart was pierced as if a knife were piercing it.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Outside the window, the night screen was low and upstairs, where thousands of lights were on the city at night.

Tracy crouched down beside the French window, buried her face in her knees and began to sob.

In an instant, she felt like a wolf howling, but the crying was still choked in her throat, and she began to feel painful.

'I don't care about you, Brody.'.

At the same time, a sense of hatred in her heart began to surge

She could bear his abuse and insult, but when he looked on coldly at the ball and beat her indiscriminately, her heart began to die

She hadn't held out much hope from the beginning, and now she couldn't even imagine it.

It was getting darker and darker. With a pale face, she stared out of the window in a daze. Soon

And fell asleep!

It was almost midnight when the door to the bedroom was opened. What Brody saw when he pushed the door open was a helpless woman curling up in front of the French window

He couldn't help but sigh.

He crept up to her. Tracy was exhausted from crying and fell asleep soon.

The curtains were not closed. The dark night provided a more radiant glow, and her long hair cascaded down her chest, tailored to her. The perfect dress made her figure more eye-catching.

There were tears hanging on her curly eyelashes. Anyone who had closed her eyes could see that she was crying heavily.

On the porcelain like face, there were five red palm prints, which looked extremely harsh.

The moment he shot her, the scene was like a reshoot.

Looking at her aggrieved appearance, a hint of regret rose from the bottom of his heart.

He slapped her just for a moment without any thought.

When he knew that Ray had been hit by Tracy, he lost his mind.

Her lips were closed tightly and she was still sound asleep. Seeing this, Brody couldn't help but touch her swollen face which was hit.

Like a lover.

This little woman was not only beautiful, but also very cute.

Brody couldn't help but laugh.

It was beautiful, but she was his enemy after all.

Tracy had an unstable sleep. Sensing something different on her face, she fluttered her curly eyelashes.

Soon, she opened her eye


At the same time, Brody withdrew his hand quickly as if he got an electric shock.

However, Tracy couldn't help but shudder because of his action.

Brody got stunned. Did she think he would slap her?

After she had a good understanding of what was going on with her, she looked like a frightened little rabbit and tried to avoid seeing Brody.

When she moved a little backwards and touched the hard wall, she stared at him with hatred in her eyes.

How did he get in?

She was a little surprised.

Her reaction made Brody uncomfortable. Then he stretched out his arms and lifted her up before she could react.

"Let me go -"

Startled, Tracy struggled violently, hitting his chest with her little hands and kicking her legs randomly.

After reaching the bedside, he put her down on the ground and walked out of the room in silence.

Soon, the door was pushed open again.

When she was about to get up, she was pushed on the bed by Brody who came in again.

He opened the medical kit and looked down at her face, "don't move."

He ordered in a low voice.

However, on the other hand, Tracy became angrier, feeling uncomfortable all over.

She pushed him away and said, "Brody, what are you doing? You treat me like a child, beat me and give me a candy? "

Brody didn't retort but silently fixed his eyes on her beautiful face.

His eyes darkened.

After a long while, Tracy looked away, but turned her head to the other side.

He forcibly turned her face around. Brody sighed and pressed her down. He was going to apply medicine to her carefully.

When she saw his action, Tracy immediately flied into a rage. She pushed his hand away and shouted, "get your hand off me! I don't care!"

She tried hard to push him away. That made Brody frown deeply.

It seemed that Tracy teased him, "do you want me to tie you up?"

Brody threatened in a whisper.

Tracy was surprised, but she didn't want to lie in his arms.

"Don't move!"

This time, Brody was so angry that his one hand stopped her.

He was even difficult to apply medicine to her wound with the other hand.

Tracy felt a tight chest and couldn't help but burst into tears.

She was only his plaything. When he was happy, he would coax her. When he was unhappy, he would hit or scold her.

She could not have her own thoughts or even her soul.

Noticing that medicine was wiped away by the tears of Tracy just as he applied, he pushed her away as he wanted to scold her——

But when he saw her face full of tears, he couldn't make up his mind.

Her heart was touched again.

"I'm sorry -"

Finally, Brody said in a low voice with an apology and continued to apply medicine.

"You..." Tracy was stunned.

What did he say?

"What did you say?" She sobbed.

He didn't tell her the real reason. While she was in a trance and putting down her hands and feet, he continued to say

"Ray's hoarse voice is not innate. He has suffered enough. I don't want to see him suffer any more grievances."

Brody said the first half sentence in a normal voice, but the latter part sounded like a warning.

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