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   Chapter 16 I Don't Want To Be A Stepmother

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After an hour of endless silence, the car finally came to a halt. Tracy stepped and glanced at Brody; she was surprised that he had driven her back without causing any trouble.

He received a call on the car and after he sent Tracy home, he immediately left. She heaved a sigh of relief and spent the rest of the day lazing around in her room.

The next three days were peaceful without Brody. Although she felt strange to be in the enormous house all by herself, the absence of drama and chaos made her happy.

Brody was a nightmare who had disrupted her peaceful life. Tracy was happy that Brody was out of her sight and mind.

The weather was becoming colder. Tracy wanted to go to the garden and admire the beauty of the flowers that hadn't withered.

"Tracy, are you blind?"

A harsh voice echoed in her ears as she bumped against something.

She lifted her head and saw the familiar eyes that were blazing with anger.


Tracy knitted her brows and muttered.

"I'm sorry, Miss Elsa. I'm a blind woman. But what about you?" She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at her. "I'm sure you have a clear vision. Do you enjoy coming in the way of others?"


Elsa's anger rose from the pit of her stomach. She opened her mouth to say something, but Tracy cut her off.

"Look, I'm not in the mood to fight with you. What's the matter?"

Tracy snapped, blocking her way from entering the house.

Elsa was harboring a grudge against Tracy because she was with Brody. Her mere presence infuriated Elsa.

"You fucking bitch! Do I need a reason to come to Brody's place?"

Tracy's face turned red with anger. She fisted her hands into a ball and looked at Elsa.

"Miss Elsa, you are not welcome here. Please leave now."

"Why should I leave?"

Elsa retorted.

"Are you going to leave or not?"

Tracy hissed through her teeth.

Elsa had crossed her limit this time.

Tracy was no saint; she couldn't endure her repeated insults.

"No, I will not leave. A sparrow cannot fly beyond a tree. You are not a phoenix. Don't even dream about reaching for the sky,"

Elsa sneered distastefully, spraying Tracy with spit.

Tracy couldn't control herself anymore.

She slapped Elsa right across her face. Elsa's head began to spin; the loud thud was ringing in her ears.

The blood on her face drained; she stared at Tracy in shock.

"You..." Elsa rubbed her stinging cheeks.

She was fuming with anger. Tracy was stronger than she had imagined; the woman had assaulted her yet again.

"Tracy, I think you're desperate to end your life. I won't spare you for slapping me."

Elsa pounced on Tracy and grabbed her throat.

Tracy dodged her attempt, but Elsa was quick enough to snatch her hair.

"Umm... Ah... "

Tracy turned her head in the direction of the voice.

She saw a little boy clutching the hem of Elsa's dress and tugging it repeatedly. Tracy was astonished by the expression on his innocent face.

The boy wasn't strong enough to thwart Elsa, but he shook his head fiercely, gesturing her to stop fighting with Tracy.

Tracy was surprised by the child's maturity. He was too smart and wise for his age.

She was sure that he would be no more than six years old.

Tracy hadn't noticed the boy until now. His petite figure was hidden behind Elsa all this while.

A thousand thoughts began to tenant her brain.

Who was he? What was he doing here with Elsa?

Tracy saw that Elsa and the boy seemed to communicate with their eyes. It was a private conversation, and Tracy couldn't decipher what it was. Elsa read the boy's face and dropped her hand.

"Fine! I will deal with you later."

Elsa's eyes were gleaming with hatred.

"If you haven't come here to settle your accounts with me, then leave right away. You are not welcome here." Tracy was determined to send Elsa away.

Elsa crouched in front of the little boy and caressed his cheek. "Ray, she is your stepmother."

She shot a nasty glance at Tracy before whispering something into his ears. Elsa finally stood up and turned to leave.

Tracy's jaw dropped in shock as her gaze flitted to the little boy, who was staring at her with a pout on his lips. She wanted to inquire about the boy of Elsa, but she was out of her sight.

"Ray..." Tracy's stomach flipped when she heard Brody's voice.

His usual coldness was gone.

She turned around and saw Brody; the tenderness in his eyes made her heart flutter.

Tracy was used to Brody's arrogance; she had never witnessed this side of him before.

Brody's grumpy face was beaming with joy.

The little boy grinned and ran towards Brody.

Brody ran and swept the boy into his arms, making him giggle.

The boy was old enough to walk on his own, but Brody was reluctant to put him down.

Tracy smiled with a self-mockery. She realized that Brody was nice to everyone except her.

Mix feelings filled her heart. She no longer had any hopes on him from the moment he treated violently on the day of their marriage.

At this time, Brody happened to see the scornful smile on her face from the corner of his eyes.

He put Ray down and took his hand.

"I'm going to raise my son." Brody's tone was firm as if he were merely informing Tracy and didn't want her to question him further.

Tracy remained silent. She closed her eyes and smiled bitterly, for her life was getting complicated with every passing day.

"Didn't you hear me?" Brody bellowed. He stopped in his tracks and waited for Tracy's answer.

The boy's expression remained indifferent. He even had never taken a glance of Tracy from the moment he went into the house.

The look on his face made Tracy realize that the boy despi

sed her. He had seen her slap Elsa and had perhaps assumed that she was a bad person. 'Yet another person to hate me,' thought Tracy.

"Okay," she mumbled and walked away. Tracy knew that Brody wouldn't leave her until she answered him.

She had no choice but to listen to him. Yet she forgot that Brody was never that easy to deal with.

Brody frowned and whispered something in the boy's ears. The boy nodded and left for his room. Once he was out of their sight, Brody darted towards Tracy and grabbed her hand.

"What's wrong with you? Are you not happy with this?'

"Do I have the right to say no?" "Do I even have a say in this?" Tracy stared into his eyes.

Brody studied Tracy's face and finally spoke. "I need to raise him. It's my responsibility."

"That's your choice." Tracy shrugged.

Brody was baffled by Tracy's response. "Don't you care about this?"

The evening sun sank into the clouds and darkness enveloped the place. Brody looked at Tracy, who seemed surprisingly meek today.

Tracy's nonchalance surprised him.

He thought that she would bombard him with questions; or worse, yell at him for his unannounced decision.

But Tracy had agreed to his decision without any questions.

Brody could see the pain in her eyes. He knew that Tracy had a lot of questions in mind, but she was restraining herself from questioning him.

A wave of anger and annoyance surged in Brody's heart.

He was accustomed to her anger and tantrums. The disappointment on her face was killing him.

Tracy couldn't help but laugh.

Her laughter reverberated across the silent living room. A gust of cold wind ruffled Brody's hair.

His chiseled face looked mysterious and handsome under the somber light.

But Tracy was not in the mood to admire his beauty.

"What do you want me to do? My opinion doesn't matter to you anyway."

Brody pursed his lips and stared at her in silence.

"I'm nothing more than your sex partner. You just need me to fulfill your desire. I'm just a whore you use for pleasure and thrash to vent out your anger. Why would my opinion matter to you?"

Tracy's voice broke; tears welled in her eyes, but she controlled herself.

"You can tell me your opinion."

Brody was gentle. He wanted to know what Tracy was thinking.

"My opinion?" A lone tear trickled down her cheek.

"Okay, fine. I'm only twenty-one years old. I don't want to be a stepmother!"

"Are you blaming me?"

Brody's voice reached another decibel.

"You mean you don't want Ray here?"

"No, I didn't mean that." Tracy fell silent.

She wanted to test Brody and find out his motive. And she found that Brody grew nervous.

Tracy wouldn't be intolerant of Ray regardless of how weak she was, especially when considering that the boy seemed to be speech impaired.

Ray was Brody's responsibility. She had no right to stop him.

He didn't care about consulting her before bringing him home. Tracy had no idea about who Ray was and his relationship with Brody.

"Brody, you never gave me the right to question you."

Tracy's voice was barely above a whisper.

Brody became upset and he didn't know why; he didn't like it when Tracy was sad.

Tracy smiled sadly and turned to leave, but Brody pulled her back.

He pressed his lips against hers and inhaled her sweet scent.

Tracy was caught off guard.

She pounded her fist on Brody's chest, trying to free herself from his hold.

But Brody didn't budge. He cupped Tracy's cheeks with his hands and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Tracy tried kicking him, but Brody pulled her tighter and deepened the kiss.

He didn't let her go until she was out of breath.

"Asshole!" Tracy barked. Her face had turned red with rage. She angrily wiped her lips.

She wanted to wipe off the feeling of Brody's soft lips lingering on hers.

Brody's face darkened. He swept his tongue across his bottom lip and inched forward. "Does my touch disgust you?" Brody asked, pinching her chin. His eyes were sparkling with desire.

"Yes, I hate it, and I hate you."

Tracy bellowed.

She slapped Brody's hand away and stormed off to her room before he lost his temper again. She slammed the door, making it rattle along with its hinges. Her heart leaped to her throat when she turned to open the wardrobe and pack her things.

Ray was sitting on the bed, staring at Tracy. Judging his reaction, Tracy understood that her abrupt arrival had annoyed him. It made her feel as if she was a guest and she had barged into his room without permission.

"Ray?" Tracy called, forcing a smile.

The boy continued to stare at her in silence.

Tracy put on a friendly smile, stepped forward and kneeled down before him. "Ray, what's wrong, honey? Is everything all right?"

The boy continued to stare at her with cold eyes.

Tracy's cheeks were flaming with embarrassment. She cleared her throat and spoke again. "Ray, can't you talk? Do you know how to write? Do you know sign language?"

Tracy's longing eyes studied Ray's quizzical face.

The little boy refused to respond.

Tracy's legs became numb. She sat down on the floor and took his hand.

The boy looked sullen. Anyone who saw the boy's expression would think that Tracy had maltreated him. "Ray, do you hate me?" Tracy asked, staring into his big, brown eyes.

Ray refused to reveal his emotion.

Tracy felt hopeless; she was tired of inquiring him. "Ray, I need to do something. Can you go down and spend time with your father?"

Tracy was cautious while talking with him. She didn't want to hurt the little boy's feelings.

Ray looked at her. There was a twinkle in his eyes that seemed to tell that he wasn't happy with what she said.

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