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   Chapter 15 Don't Mess With Her

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In a daze, Tracy left the ball, but was unable to walk out of this vast garden.

She was a person with a poor sense of direction, and she was disturbed by what Elsa said.

"I just want to say, you bastard. you even didn't know who is your mother... "

Sharp words said again and again in her mind, which made her think of them again and again. Tears welled up again.

Actually, what Elsa said was true. Where did she know about that? And nobody knew about that, except Tracy herself.

However, she had a foreboding that the life in the future would definitely not be peaceful if she had provoked Elsa.

After taking a few turns in the garden, she still couldn't find a way out. She was in despair.

However, her hand was seized by a big hand angrily all the time.

"Where do you want to escape?"

She only knew one person who was so righteous and furious without any reason.

Brody Ye!

After being stunned for a few seconds, Tracy turned her head and looked at him coldly. "Escape? Where? Why? "

Her bleak eyes were filled with heartbreaking tears, like ice flowers.

Was extremely dazzling.

Somehow, there was a strange feeling in Brody's heart. However, when he noticed it, his face turned to be gloomy. He glanced at her coldly and said, "I'll give you a chance to explain it when I go back. You have to make it clear to me."

Tracy seemed to get used to Brody's commanding tone.

She was used to it, so she didn't fear at all. She summoned up her courage and resolutely looked at him. "I'm sorry. There's nothing to explain."

After saying that, Tracy turned around and left. "Bitch, you must have done it on purpose!"

As she continued to stride fo

rward without the slightest hesitation. Brody became angry again.

He angrily stared at that woman who was running so fast that he ran after her.

"Do you want to go back to the ball despite your shame?"

"I don't care. It just will disgrace your family. Do you think a woman will feel ashamed if she becomes a bastard? "

"Shut up!"

An angry voice interrupted Tracy's words. Brody strode over and lifted her up in his arms.

He held up the stubborn girl in his arms because he knew that if he didn't force her back, she would never go back with him.

"Let me go -"

Caught off guard, Tracy was embraced in his arms. When she realized what had happened, she began to shout loudly, with her legs wide open.

"Bitch, don't push your luck. Let's go home for the rest."

Giving her a black look, Brody strode towards his car.

"Don't mess with the wrong person!"

At the last second before Tracy was thrown into the passenger seat by Brody, he warned.

The corners of her mouth curled up into a self mocking smile

As expected, he thought it was her who active provoked Elsa.

It was not until the car started that Tracy realized that she was in wrong direction just now.

She might have returned to the ball if it weren't for Brody. However, she was not grateful to a demon who could only torture people.

The car started steadily. Both of them lapsed into silence, but the air inside the car was particularly uneasy.

Along the way, they didn't talk to each other. Instead, they both looked out of the window silently. Tears kept falling down from Tracy's face.

"Bastard." Tracy thought, 'you don't have a mother? You don't know who your mother is!'.

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