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   Chapter 14 No One Had Come To Rescue Her

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"Your father is indeed powerful, but has he told who your mother is?" Elsa scoffed.

"You were born to a mistress, not the wife of your father. Don't you think you're reaching for something you don't deserve? You are just a vile creature who is the outcome of a night's pleasure. An outstanding man like Brody would never want to be with you."

Elsa was spewing venom; she was venting her anger through vindictive words. She envied Elsa, for she had obtained the position as Brody's wife.

How could someone like her marry Brody? Elsa had dreamed of marrying Brody ever since she was a little kid. But Tracy had snatched the man of her dreams and was living the life she had imagined to live.

Jealousy, hatred, and disgust were simmering in her heart.

Tracy couldn't control herself anymore. Every word was pricking her like a thorn, tearing her heart open. She glared at Elsa and slapped her on the face.

Elsa shuddered.

She was taken by surprise and had no time to respond.

The loud sound had caught everyone's attention.

Elsa was in a daze. She was caught off guard and was humiliated in front of everyone. She thought that Tracy would merely argue with her or defend her status. But the woman had gone a step further and assaulted her in front of everyone.

Tracy was seething; her eyes were blazing with rage.

She couldn't bear to hear anyone question her birth.

Elsa's anger had reached its peak at the moment she heard what Elsa say to her face. And it was instinct that drove her to slap the girl.

"You fucking bitch!" Elsa rubbed her throbbing cheeks and glowered at Tracy.

"You don't even know who your mother is. Why are you hitting me for telling the truth?"

Tracy slapped her again.

The intensity of the blow sent her flying backward. She smacked her head against the tree and felt dizzy.

Tracy had thought that Elsa would leave her alone. But the woman gathered her strength and pounced on Tracy with full force.

Tracy tried ducking out, but the woman was attacking her like a maniac.

Even the ones who were busy dancing stopped to witness the clamor. Elsa didn't care about her image; she wanted to hurt Tracy. "You fucking piece of shit! How dare you hurt me? I will end your fucking life."

The music stopped; Elsa's voice reverberated across the garden.

All eyes were on the two women who were attacking each other like mad dogs. Tracy returned to her senses; she slapped Elsa's hand away and grabbed her hair.


A loud voice filled the air. The atmosphere in the garden became tense.

Brody ran to Tracy and swept her into his arms.

Tracy's body stiffened. She peered at Brody's handsome face through the strand of hair covering her eyes. He was rocking her back and forth to calm her down.

His grip on her waist was choking her, but she didn't complain.

Brody's presence shocked everyone.

They couldn't help but feel sorry for Elsa. The man was a ruthless monster; he would do anything to defend his woman.

Elsa was equally surprised; she rearranged her expression and broke into a fit of sobs. "Brody, she hit me..."

Tracy's mind was clouded with rage and humiliation that she almost forgot where she was and what she was doing. She lifted her head and sneered at Elsa. "Miss Elsa, are you good at anything else other than lying?"

Brody's cold gaze pierced

through Elsa; his face bore no expression.

"Brody, look at how she is talking in front of you. Won't you say anything?"

Elsa was baffled by Brody's reaction. Seeing Tracy in his firm embrace infuriated her.

Big, hot tears rolled down her cheeks.

Tracy leered at Elsa. She had never seen anyone as abhorrent as she was.

Everyone was watching the drama.

Brody took a deep breath and looked at Tracy, who was still shaking in his arms. "Did you hit her?"

he asked in a calm voice. People had no idea what he wanted to do.

The terse question broke Tracy's heart. She snapped her head to look at Brody.

Realizing that she was in his arms, Tracy tried pushing him away with all her might.

The tears that had welled in her eyes began to cascade down her cheeks. "Yes, it was me who hit Elsa. If you want to punish me, go ahead and do whatever you want. The truth doesn't matter to you anyway."

She wasn't surprised by Brody's reaction; the man had always been unreasonable.

However, she was hurt to find him speak for Elsa. Didn't he see what was going on?

Even if Tracy had hit Elsa first, Elsa had pounced on her later and insulted her with all the ways she could. Shouldn't Brody try to find out what had happened instead of questioning her?

Brody had let her down once again. He wasn't there for Tracy when she needed him the most.

She didn't mind Brody fighting with her behind closed doors. But she couldn't let him humiliate her in front of all the people.

Whether Tracy liked Brody or not, he was still her husband.

She wanted him to stand up for her.

But disappointment and humiliation were all she got.

Tracy felt stupid for falling for the man's intimate gesture. For one moment, she believed that Brody would support her.

But Tracy soon realized that the embrace was a mere gesture of warning. He was perhaps ordering her to retain her composure.

"Brody, please help me! My face hurts."

Elsa winced in pain. From the couple's conversation, she figured that they had a bad relationship. She took the chance and wanted to turn Brody's attention to her.

Brody stared at his wife, who was trying to push him away in despair. He felt sorry for her.

Brody frowned at Elsa, who was smirking at Tracy.

Bile rose in his throat. He saw the angry, red fingerprints on Elsa's cheek where Tracy had slapped her.

The rage that was rising in Brody's heart died in an instant.

"Elsa, that's enough." Brody's tone irked Tracy.

It seemed as if he didn't have the heart to blame her.

Tracy smoothed her hair, wiped her tears, and stood up. She couldn't spend one more moment in this place.

Nothing mattered anymore. She was humiliated in front of all the people, and no one had come to rescue her.

She wanted to leave the ball right away.

She didn't care about embarrassing Brody.

Seeing Tracy storm out of the garden, Brody cast a cold glance at Elsa. "Elsa, behave yourself. I warn you to stay away from my wife."

"You..." Elsa was so angry that she couldn't come up with a retort. She didn't expect that he would warn her like that while he was being so gentle to her moments ago.

Brody ran to catch up with Tracy.

Elsa's blood was boiling.

Looking at Tracy's receding figure, she vowed to destroy her life.

'Wait and watch, Tracy! I won't let you live in peace.'

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