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   Chapter 12 Two Weeks Later

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Ben continued with a deep voice,

"It's silly of you to consider men who are not related to you by blood as your brother. That's just impossible."

Ben shook his head with disappointment.

Tracy was appalled by his comment.

She had been oblivious to Ben's intentions all this while. Ben was too kind to her, and she had mistaken it for selfless affection.

The thought of him considering her as his potential lover made her sick.

Tracy believed that she had someone in her life. But the man had been doing everything just to win her heart. Tracy looked away as the pool of tears clouded her vision.

"Tracy, go back and watch the news again."

Ben returned to his table and began to work.

Tracy was too disgusted to even turn and look at him. She opened the door and walked out.

The unexpected turn of events had drained Tracy's spirits. She returned home in a daze. The evening news explained the ambiguity of Ben's statement.

The news about the YS Group was just a rumor.

Many people were involved in the gamble at the casino. Therefore, news had spread like a wildfire.

Each channel had cooked up their own story to increase their ratings.

It was a relief to know that nothing had happened the YS Group. As to what method Ben had used to keep it still ruining, she had no interest to know.

She was glad to find that Ben was safe -- that was all that mattered to her.

Her eyes were fixed on the advertisement commercial while a hundred thoughts were buzzing in her head. "You should be happy that I didn't punish you by doing anything further to his company."

Brody's voice rekindled the

emotions that had simmered down in her heart.

'God! When did he come back?'

She stood up and switched off the TV. When Tracy walked past Brody, she caught a glimpse of him. She had thought that he would lose his cool again and assault her. However, the man was unusually calm.

Tracy sneered at Brody and left for her room.

Two weeks had passed in the blink of an eye.

Tracy felt strange to see Brody again. The man had disappeared after that night without leaving her a note.

Tracy was arranging her clothes in the bedroom. The door suddenly flew open and Brody was staring at her.

It had been two weeks since she saw Brody. The man was dressed in a black suit that clung onto his sculpted body. The stubble on his chiseled jaw made him look smarter than usual.

Tracy couldn't take her eyes off Brody's handsome face. She knew that women would throw themselves at him.

She was captivated by Brody's look for a moment. However, his resonant voice brought Tracy back to her senses.

"Go downstairs!"

He glanced at the clothes sprawled on the bed and frowned.

"Your job is just to be a good wife; you don't have to do all this. The servants will handle the household chores."

Even a normal statement sounded rude when Brody uttered it.

"If you intend to yell at me, then go ahead and say what you want to say instead of beating around the bush."

Tracy scowled and continued to sort her cabinet.

Although Brody was hurt, he didn't want to argue with Tracy.

He looked at her and sighed. "Leave the clothes and come downstairs,"

Brody bellowed his orders and stormed out of the room.

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