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   Chapter 12 Half A Month Later

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A severe voice came through.

"Silly girl. Only in your own opinion, men and women outside of blood relationship can develop like biological brother and sister."

After Ben finished, his black eyes were filled with disappointment, and his chest was sore.

Tracy was in a mess.

She was not a fool. Although she understood what Ben said, she still thought it was too incredible.

He had been very good to her, but she really didn't want him to love her out of family affection.

With her back to Ben, Tracy stared ahead blankly with tears in her eyes.

"Tracy, go back and watch the news again."

After finishing her words, Ben quietly went to the side and sat down, preparing to work.

Sensing what was going on, Tracy didn't even look back. She opened the door and walked out.

After she went back home, Tracy spent a whole day in a daze. By then, on the o'clock, she finally understood what the meaning of asking her to watch the news was.

It was a rumor that the YS Group lacked funds.

Tracy heaved a long sigh of relief. As a result, there were too many people gambling in casino, so

The news of gambling must be spread around the whole city.

As for what had happened during the YS Group, it didn't matter at all. She didn't want to know.

Nothing is more important than his safety.

When she was staring at the advertisement broadcasting on TV, a cold voice came from behind her ears, "you should be glad that I didn't continue to be despicable and shameless after taking advantage of him."

As soon as she heard the voice, Tracy felt disturbed again because she hated to see Brody.

'when did he come back? I don't know, ' she thought.

She stood up from her seat and turned off the TV. When she was about to walk past Br

ody, she caught a glimpse of him. She had thought that the man behind her would be mad at her, but he didn't. She was not afraid of him at all.

Tracy sneered, staring at the moody man.

——The split thread

Half a month later, when she saw Brody again, Tracy had a puzzled look on her face. After that night, Brody went out and disappeared for half a month.

In the morning, when she was tidying up her clothes, the bedroom door was suddenly pushed open. Startled, Tracy was about to change her bedding.

It had been half a month since they met last time. Brody looked like a polite gentleman in a black dress. His delicate and deep facial features were like being chiseled by an ax. His long, strong and strong legs were wrapped in black trousers, so smooth.

Tracy couldn't deny that Brody's handsome face and his innate King's momentum were enough to make all women throw themselves in the throes of greed.

At that moment, she even had an illusion that she was almost attracted by his appearance.

"Go downstairs!"

He glanced at the things in her hands and frowned.

Although he thought that it would be much easier to get the two of them done, he couldn't help but look back and say, "you just need to serve Mrs. Ye. Those stuff for changing are naturally hired by our private servants."

This sentence sounds normal, but it is harsh.

Raising her eyes coldly to look at him, Tracy retorted, "if you want to scold me, you don't have to beat around the bush like this. Just say it directly to me; just admire your power."

After saying that, she lowered her head and continued to sort out the documents.

Although he was upset, Brody didn't want to have a fight with Tracy.

"Humph Two minutes! "

He gave an order and went out.

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