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   Chapter 11 A Kiss To Make Off Tens Of Billions

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 3062

Updated: 2020-03-12 00:02

"If It's not because I'm willful or I want to use your money. You won't going to be like this... "

While saying that, tears kept rolling down Tracy's cheeks.

Regret, remorse, guilt, and despair overwhelmed her and brought her nowhere to hide.

The thought that Ben would be ruined because of her drove her crazy.

For a moment, Ben just stared at her crying while she lowered her head to repent. An imperceptible cold smile appeared on his face. He kept a straight face, while the smile was so deep into his eyes.

After a long time, there was no answer from Ben, and with her head down, Tracy thought Ben was angry.

Without raising her head, she choked with self blame, "Ben, you're angry. It's all my fault..."

Finally, Ben was unable to continue silence.

"Stop crying!" He scolded.

After a short pause, Tracy raised her head and saw a bantering face.

Before she could fully react, the tall figure of Ben covered her head, and his magnetic voice fell, "In your opinion, I have lost thousands of billions of dollars, how do you compensate me?"

Still in a trance, she raised her head and saw a particularly serious face.

"Compensation?" She asked foolishly.

However, Ben was deeply attracted by her innocence.

At the same time, the affection buried in his heart for a long time gradually emerged from his eyes

"A kiss worth tens of millions is canceled."

Ben said firmly, fixing his eyes on her.

"You..." Tracy was thoroughly stunned and her face became hot all of a sudden. She trie

d to avoid being looked at by Ben, who was confused.

She had never seen his eyes

burning hot?

It contained The emotion?


She was shocked by her own thoughts.

No, she couldn't be.

"Hmm --"

Ben bent over and covered his cute cherry mouth with his wet lips before Tracy said anything.

"No!" Tracy was taken aback and tried her best to squeeze a word out of her mouth.

Then, she tried her best to push the man's strong chest away.

All of a sudden, Tracy felt so aggrieved as if she was hit by a thousand butterflies in her stomach.

She was so irritated that her face turned pale——

Grievance, humiliation, anger, complicated feelings welled up inside her.

A sense of humiliation overwhelmed her at once, and her eyes were filled with tears. She was angry and close to the hysteria. "Ben, you bastard, how can you treat me like this?"

Even though Brody didn't love her, she was still his wife.

But he insulted her like that.

Ben was stunned and didn't expect her reaction to be so intense.

"Ben, even you look down on me. You think I'm a whore, don't you?"

While Tracy was crying, she thought of the humiliation that Brody had brought to her.

She had taken Ben as her own brother. It seemed that she was wrong.

Tracy's extreme remarks made Ben frown, but he still kept silent and stared at the aggrieved Tracy who was crying.

Looking at the speechless Ben, Tracy turned around and was about to leave, but her hand was held by a big hand. "Tracy, it's not right."

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