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   Chapter 10 I'm Sorry

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Updated: 2020-03-11 13:51

Tracy staggered to her feet; her piercing eyes were fixed on Brody's malicious face.

"Don't push your luck further, Tracy. Why are you worried about Ben?"

Brody smoothed his crumpled shirt, adjusted his collar, and stared right back at Tracy.

He raked his eyes across her face and saw pure hatred and anger.

Brody couldn't accept that Tracy had fought with him for Ben. Was he that important to her?

Her small face was submerged in her tears.

A wave of jealousy engulfed Brody.

Tracy was unfazed by his threats. She stood from the couch and scoffed,

"Yes, I am worried about him because he is human. He is not as shameless and despicable as you are."

Tracy didn't bother controlling her tongue.

She crossed her arms across her chest, ready for the next wave of attack.

As expected, Brody was infuriated by her words.

He squeezed her throat with his rough hands and slammed her against the wall.

Tracy yelped in pain, but she wasn't ready to give up. She wanted to provoke Brody. "If you are strong enough, strangle me to death. Come on, you piece of shit!" Tracy felt suffocated and was soon out of breath, but rage had clouded her mind. She couldn't control herself anymore.

Tracy's every word was adding fuel to his anger.

Brody's grip on her neck tightened. Tracy's face turned red; her vision became blurry.

She closed her eyes and smiled in relief.

'Am I going to die?' thought Tracy, waiting for her soul to depart from her body. Death was her only means of escape. She spent every single day waiting for it, hoping for Brody's attack to kill

her. Dying was better than living with a monster.

A loud noise snapped Tracy out of her reverie. Her cheeks were burning with pain, and her head was spinning. That was when she realized that Brody had slapped her.

Brody saw the droplets of tears on his palm.

He realized what he had done and flinched back from Tracy.

Tracy slumped to the ground.

A fit of cough overtook her; she was gasping for her breath. Involuntary tears streamed down her cheeks.

Tracy sniffed loudly, wiped her face with the back of her hand, and glared at Brody. "You are a pathetic loser, Brody. You only know to conquer women through violent means,"

she spat venomously and ran upstairs.

The HS Building occupied a significant spot in one of the most popular commercial streets in C City.

The building was so high that one couldn't see its top standing in front of it.

Tracy nudged the door of the CEO's office and darted inside. A strong, pungent smell of tobacco filled her nostrils.

Her eyes settled on the man standing by the window.

His slender figure was enveloped in a black suit.

The effortless charm he exuded could bewitch anyone.

"Ben!" Tracy called, her voice was trembling with anxiety.

Ben turned around and looked at Tracy. His face bore no expression.

"What are you doing, little girl?"

Tracy knitted her brows and stepped forward. "I thought you didn't notice me."

Ben sat in silence.

His indifferent attitude aroused Tracy's guilt. "I'm sorry, Ben. What should the YS Group do to make up for this?"

Tracy asked as she blinked her tears away.

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