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   Chapter 9 A Fight

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 2936

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The next morning, Tracy woke up to the sound from the television. Her body was sore.

The sound from the television was too loud. She could hear the words of the anchor even across the bolted room.

Tracy sprang to her feet. She tied her hair into a messy bun, put on her clothes, and dashed to the living room.

"Ben Yan, the CEO of YS Group, has made every effort to please a beauty. He spent hundreds of billions on the wife of his rival. The woman lost all the money in a bet. As a result, the company's position has come crashing down due to lack of funds."

The headline flashed on the large television screen.

Tracy's heart leaped to her throat; her mind was in chaos. She stared at the widescreen in shock.

The screen turned black, and Tracy saw her hazy reflection on it.

Her mind was occupied with enough problems that she had failed to realize Brody's presence.

Her heart began to hammer in her chest as she watched him walk towards her.

"Everything for a beauty, huh?" Brody scoffed.

Tracy involuntarily stepped back.

The rhythmic thumping of his leather shoes against the ground sent a shiver down her spine.

Brody's face was expressionless. She couldn't fathom the complicated emotions brewing in his heart.

Tracy winced in pain as Brody grabbed her cheek and began to crush her bones. She tried to slap his hand away.

"Let me go!"

Panic flooded through her veins as she saw the fury in his eyes.

She angrily s

hoved Brody away and ran towards the sofa.

She grabbed the remote and switched on the TV.

However, the news program was replaced by a reality show.

Tracy threw the remote and growled with frustration.

"Nervous? Worried?" Her anger reached its pinnacle when she heard the mockery in Brody's words.

She turned around listlessly and stared at his complacent face. "Brody!"

Tracy pounced on him and grabbed his tie.

"All this is because of you. You have not only made me lose all my money, but have ruined the reputation of YS Group as well. What the fuck was that scandal all about? You cruel bastard!"

Her face was livid with rage. She punched him on the chest, over and over again, like a crazy woman.

Brody was caught off guard. He tried freeing himself from her hold.

"Get your hands off me!"

Tracy grabbed his collar and squeezed it tight.

Anger and hatred were surging through her veins. She wanted to strangle Brody to death. The thought of Ben's condition drove her insane. She wanted to kill the man who was responsible for his fate.

"You bastard!" Tracy bellowed and punched Brody on his shoulder.

"Stop it, Tracy! Don't make me hurt you."

Brody frowned. The blue vein on his temple popped as his eyes settled on his torn tie.

Brody was jealous to find that Tracy was fighting with him for Ben.

He couldn't stand it anymore.

Brody pushed her away.

Tracy landed heavily on the sofa and yelped in pain.

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