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   Chapter 9 A Fight

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 3093

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Next morning, in a daze, Tracy was woken up by the TV program.

The sound of the television was so loud that even if the door of the bedroom was closed, there was still the sound of the news compere reporting the news.

Suddenly, Tracy sprang to her feet, grabbed her messy hair from the bed, put on her clothes casually, and dashed towards the living room.

"Ben Yan, the CEO of YS Group, made every effort to protect his beauty. He bet hundreds of millions on his rival's wife, Mrs. Ye. As a result, the company was in danger because of lack of funds."

The headline of today's news report was at the bottom of the large screen of the television.

When she saw the news, she was stunned and stared at the TV, her mind in a chaos. She didn't hear a single word on the anchorwoman's speech.

"Crack -" after a crisp sound, it was black screen.

The TV was turned off by his long fingers.

After saying that, she was so surprised to find that there was another person present.

"For a beauty." The man ridiculed canglan in a low voice and changed his tone.

The words were short but intriguing.

After a short pause, she helplessly watched Brody slowly moving towards her.

Wearing a suit, he looked expressionless. Nobody could guess what he was feeling now.

Only when she felt a sharp pain from her jaw did she come to her senses. Tracy twisted her head back and forth, trying to get rid of Brody's big hand which was pinching her jaw.

"Let me go -"

She was in shock, anxiety, and panic before she saw the unreas

onable Brody again.

His eyes were blazing with fury.

"Let me go!" she shouted, pushing aside the barrier in front of her with all her strength. She turned on the TV again at a high speed.


The news program had already been broadcast.

"Nervous? Worried? " A mocking, gloating voice fell over Tracy's head.

She turned around listlessly and stared coldly at his complacent face, "Brody Ye!"

She pounced on him and grabbed his tie fiercely.

"If it weren't for you, I would never lose all those money. And why there was such a scandal in the YS Group? You are such a bastard!"

She punched him on his chest like crazy. Her face was livid with rage.

Brody was caught off guard by the violent attack from Tracy. He frowned and angrily raised his big hand.

"Let me go -"

At the same time, She gripped his collar harder, full of hatred.

She really wanted to strangle him. She was so angry that she didn't know what to do with it when she thought of Ben. She was so angry that she wanted to kill anyone. And he was the one who should be responsible for it.

"You bastard!" Tracy shouted and cursed, grabbing Brody randomly.

"Let me go, Tracy! Or else, I will teach you a lesson!"

He gave a deep frown. The blue vain on his forehead was infuriated and his tie was torn up.

Seeing that Tracy had become behaving like a spoiled child due to Ben, Brody was jealous and irritated.

He finally couldn't bear to lift her hand.

"Ah --"

Tracy was forced to lean on the sofa and cried out in pain.

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