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   Chapter 8 Don't Cry

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Tracy closed her eyes and prayed for the pain to end.

When Brody's lips touched her cheek, a salty tear slipped into his mouth.

He lifted his head and saw her shaking with sobs. "Don't cry!" he bellowed.

Tracy began to cry hysterically. Brody was annoyed; he stepped aside and let her cry.

Tracy's throat became hoarse; she had become physically and emotionally numb.

But Brody didn't care about her feelings.

Tracy staggered to her feet and limped to the bathroom.

The gigantic mirror reflected her torn body, but no one could see her broken heart.

She wiped her glassy eyes that had turned red and puffy.

Tracy stepped closer to the mirror; she saw a lifeless person staring back at her. She trailed her fingers across the bruises on her milky skin.

Her eyes settled on the angry, purple bruise on her waist where Brody had pinched at the casino.

Her entire body felt like shattered pieces of glass. She felt pain everywhere. She could find medicines to heal her bruises, but nothing could mend her broken heart.

Her spirits were drained.

She felt like a dead corpse who had no reason to be alive.

Tracy felt sorry for herself; fate was unkind to her.

She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Her life had turned to hell after marrying the monster who was devoid of sympathy and sentiment.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she gently stroked the bruise on her wais


"Do you hate me?" A menacing voice echoed across the bathroom.

Tracy was startled to see Brody's reflection on the mirror.

He was walking towards her with open arms. Tracy's body stiffened; her face turned pale.

"Let me go!" Tracy cried and wriggled out of his hold as a wave of shame engulfed her.

Brody calmed down and looked at the purple bruise on Tracy's back.

He fisted his palm into a ball and clenched his jaw. "This is a mere punishment for your mistake. Don't force me to hurt you."

Tracy was struggling to escape.

Brody pulled her closer. "Stay away from Ben. He is not a philanthropist; that guy isn't as simple as you think. Not everyone is as naive as you are," he whispered in her ear.

Tracy stopped struggling and glared at Brody's reflection in the mirror. "You fucking bastard! You don't deserve to be loved."

The man was an embodiment of evil.

She couldn't understand his complex personality.

Brody's jaw tightened. He spun Tracy around, placed his finger under her chin, and forced her to look at him. "Yes, I can never be loved, but you can never be happy either. You will never be able to pay your father's debt."

Tracy gritted her teeth and continued to stare at him. She was unfazed by his taunts.

She laughed as tears continued to stream down her cheeks.

"Brody, a day will come when you repent for your mistakes. You will be punished soon."

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