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   Chapter 6 What You Hate Is Me, Not YS Group

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Leaving no time for Ben to speak, Brody continued, "it's not the time to worry about other people's wives. What you need to worry about now is the lack of thousands of billions. How will the YS Group run?"

His words hit the nail on the head. Tracy began to get more and more anxious. When she looked back at Ben, he replied to Brody calmly, "Mr. Ye, don't worry. Tracy has lost is the money, not the stock of our company."

What Ben said seemed to be sedative. After hearing what he said, Tracy felt a little more relieved in her heart.

A mysterious smile tugged at the corner of Brody's mouth. He looked at Ben for a few seconds and then left the room, holding Tracy's hand.

Tracy didn't say a word and let Brody push her into the car. When she sat and realized what was happening, the other car door was opened and closed.

The loud noise made Tracy's heart tremble. She seemed to be able to sense the smell of gunpowder from Brody.

The car started. It ran fast, but steadily.

Both of them were silent, but Tracy could feel the depressing and almost suffocating atmosphere in the car. When Brody spoke, he would make people feel fear. But Tracy discovered that when Brody was silent, she felt even more fearful.

She was caught red handed in the casino in the middle of the night. The time should be close to the midnight now.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help getting goose bumps.

"Bang -".

Without the seat belt, Tracy bumped straight into the car's front. The sharp pain caught her off guard.

However, before

the pain in her belly eased, she was suddenly lifted by a big hand.

Without hesitation, Brody carried Tracy upstairs and threw her onto the bed in the bedroom.

As Brody exerted so much strength, Tracy was bouncing up and down the bed.

Feeling dizzy, she heard the man's furious voice. "Have you become bolder?"

The words ignited a stream of anger. In a huff, Tracy sat up and retorted, "why do you think you can discipline me like this? The reason why you stop me is because I like gambling. I like it..."

"Gambling? So lose half a YS Group? "Said Brody in a colder voice.

Tracy was stunned, her heart full of worry.

Seeming to notice that Tracy was nervous about the YS group, Brody was even more furious, and her silence led to more misunderstanding between them.

"You've lost the money of several billion dollars. What else do you think the YS Group can survive in C City?"

Brody stepped forward, bent down, and pinched Tracy's chin.

His words echoed in her mind, making her eyes wide open. She looked at him in panic, as if she could read the cruelty in his eyes.

She knew all the time that YT Group's biggest opponent was the YS Group. It was absolutely a great opportunity to destroy the YS Group now, and Brody would definitely take advantage of it.

"I wouldn't have lost if you hadn't been such a despicable person,"

With tears in her eyes, Tracy sat on the bed, pretending that she didn't feel the pain on her face.

"I am the one you hate. Why do you have anything to do with the YS Group?"

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