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   Chapter 5 He Wasn't Going To Spare Her

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Brody sneered as he heard the voice.

He turned around and saw Tracy glaring at him, her arms crossed over her chest.

Their eyes locked. Brody's intense gaze sent a shiver down Tracy's spine. Her palms grew sweaty.

Perhaps his sudden arrival had taken her by surprise. She couldn't take her eyes off him.

There was a glint of amusement in Brody's dangerous eyes.

"Half the shares of YS Group, huh? It's a bad choice, I must say. Do you think you can afford to lose everything?"

The malice in his voice frightened everyone in the room.

The blood had drained from Tracy's face. Her mouth became dry; she didn't know how to react.

Brody had opened the box of treasure.

Tracy could no longer retain her composure when she saw the result. "Shame on you!" she bellowed, but her words dissolved among the noise of the crowd.

Sensing the movement of her lips, Brody understood what she had said.

He forced his way through the crowd and stood in front of her. Tracy's teeth were chattering, and her entire body was trembling.

How could she let Ben down? Losing the bet meant ruining his entire life. How was she going to make up for this?

Tracy cried as she felt a sharp pain in her wrist.

She lifted her head and saw Brody's cold eyes piercing through her.

"You are quite bold," he hissed through his teeth. Tracy could sense the anger behind the words. He wasn't going to spare her.

She didn't say anything. Anger and disappointment resided in the pit of her stomach. She glared at him and finally looked away.

Tracy saw Ben standing in a corner. She tore he

r hands from Brody's hold and walked to him. "Ben...''

Ben had witnessed everything, but he had remained silent the entire time. It was hard to read how he felt as his face was expressionless. He looked at Tracy and saw the guilt and pain in her eyes.

Somewhat, he was touched to see her pitiful look. "I have lost the bet, little girl," he croaked.

A lump formed on Tracy's throat as tears welled in her eyes. Ben actually didn't blame her.

Seeing Ben and Tracy together made Brody's blood boil. He couldn't hear what they were speaking, but he assumed that they were flirting.

Rage clouded his brain.

He stomped towards Tracy and grabbed her arms. His fingernails dug into her flesh as he pulled her closer to him.

Fresh stream of tears lined Tracy's cheeks. The pain was excruciating. She tried wriggling out of Brody's hold but couldn't move an inch.

"Let her go!" Ben shouted. He couldn't stand it anymore.

Brody turned to look at Ben. "What the hell is your problem? It's normal for a wife to be in her husband's arms," he scoffed.

"You're hurting her," cried Ben.

"Hurt?" Brody cachinnated like a maniac.

His gaze shifted to Tracy. He swept his tongue across his bottom lip and winked. "How painful was it last night? Did it hurt? Or how did you feel when we did it this morning?"

Tracy's face was flaming with anger and embarrassment.

Her pale cheeks had turned red. Anyone could comprehend his vile remark.

Tracy looked at Brody with misty eyes. His arm around her waist tightened. She felt like a lamb to the slaughter -- there was no escape.

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