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   Chapter 4 Is Half Of YS Group Enough

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Tracy froze on the place. She felt as if someone had ripped her heart out of her chest. She wiped the tears streaming down her cheeks and followed Ben.

Her body felt limp; her legs became weak. Tracy's eyes widened as she entered into an opulent room. Her mood instantly changed; she was back to her normal self.

The raucous room fell silent. Tension pervaded in the room as everyone was racking their brains to think of a bet.

Tracy looked at Ben and frowned. "I don't have money."

Ben's eyes were gleaming with amusement. His face broke into a lopsided grin. "Don't you have a billion dollars of private money?"

Tracy shook her head fiercely. "No, I can't! I can't use my private money."

The grin on Ben's face widened. "No, it should be two billion now. You just won a billion from me."

This girl wanted to gamble, yet she didn't want to take out the money. He felt that Tracy was smarter than he had imagined.

"Don't interrupt me," Tracy hissed through her teeth.

"I can no longer gamble with my private money. I will land in trouble if I lose all my money. I can't do it."

"But I have no money either."

"You are stingy!" Tracy waved her hands in exasperation.

Ben scowled at her. "All right! Is half of YS Group enough?"

"What if you lose?" Tracy became nervous.

Betting on half the shares of the YS Group was indeed risky.

"If you don't have the confidence to win, then would you take over half of the YS Group?" Ben arched an eyebrow.

A smile tugged at the corners of Tracy's lips. She understood what he meant.

That was when the realization set in.

Tracy had been gambling since she was four years old. She had never lost a bet in her life.

Ben fell silently as he watched Tracy disappear among the crowds, hi

s eyes gleaming with confidence as if victory was within his grasp.

His heart flipped with anxiety as he finally realized the magnitude of his decision.

'Betting on half of the YS Group is sheer stupidity. I'm risking my life for this girl.'

Tracy squeezed into the crowd. She followed her same old technique and waited for all the players to place their bets before guessing the result.

She pursed her lips in concentration. Her entire focus was on the game.

She was the only one to place such an exorbitant bet. Tracy had always been good at mind games and manipulating people to win her game. She had placed a colossal bet only to kindle excitement among the people and vent her frustration.

It was time for Tracy to reveal her cards.

Her eyes were fixed on the waiter's hand.

"Wait!" said a deep, cold voice. A shiver ran down her spine.

Tracy snapped her head to see who it was. Her heart skipped a beat when her eyes settled on the familiar face.

What was Brody doing here?

His big hand squeezed the waiter's pale fingers. The croupier looked at him with wide eyes.

Brody was decked in a black suit that clung on to his sturdy figure. His chiseled face bore no expression; his arrogant eyes peered across the players before it settled on the croupier

"Sir, I'm sorry. We are going to reveal our last card now. Please join us in the next round," the waiter said earnestly. "No!" Brody's eyes darted to the treasure box that was glistening under the bright lights.

"I'll pay double the price to become the banker."

"What?" The waiter knitted his brows and studied Brody's face. He felt that the man had lost his mind; however, he didn't dare to utter a word.

"You can only wager, but cannot pay to become the banker."

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