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   Chapter 2 The Reason For His Hatred

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Standing outside the door, Tracy was so shocked that she took a step back, almost falling over.

"It's impossible..." Tracy shook her head and in a daze thought, 'Brody must be lying. How could my father do such a thing?'

In her eyes, her father was a highly cultured, kind, and amiable man. How could he even be capable of doing such a thing?

While Tracy's brain was doused in chaos, and before she could think clearly, the door of the study quickly opened.

She suddenly looked up at Brody's cold face and knew panic. His phone was still at his ear.

"You..." Noticing the disdainful look on his face, Tracy remained standing where she was, still stuttering.

His face remained expressionless, and his eyes were filled with a dangerous look, just like the eyes of a tiger that was ready to pounce. After staring at Tracy's confused face for a few seconds, his eyes wandered over her body again.

After a minute that was like eternity, there was only silence at the other end of the call. It was so quiet that it seemed that the call had been ended.

However, not knowing why, Tracy's heart wrenched, and she felt scared. She couldn't tell where the uneasiness and fear came from, but she instinctively felt that her cruel husband should not be so quiet as he kept staring at her.

All too soon, Tracy's instincts were proven to be right.

"She is in my arms even now. Do you want to hear her despair and hysterical cries?" After saying that, Brody slammed the door and shoved Tracy up against the wall.

The sudden question broke the silence and turned Tracy's face pale in an instant.

Apparently, he hadn't hung up the phone at all!

"You bastard! How dare you..." At the same time, Horace Su's voice sounded from the other end of the phone like a car wreck. He was completely distraught.

"Let me go..." Tracy struggled in panic, but her voice remained as soft as a mosquito.

"Are you afraid that your father would hear your cries. Hence, you speak in such a low voice? Don't you want him to hear how you are being bull

ied by me?"

he set aside his phone and whispered in her ear clearly.

"You bastard." Suppressing her humiliated tone of voice, she fixed her eyes on him in a look filled with resentment and refusal.

Tracy's words seemed to have only succeeded in agitating Brody. He threw the cell phone onto the desk not far away from them and said angrily, "You dress like this in front of me. What on earth are you thinking? You bitch!"

Startled, she looked into his dark eyes and unconsciously reached out to pull at her pajamas.

He clenched his hand around her wrist and roughly pushed her against the corner between two walls.

The feeling of abject humiliation swept over her like a wave. With a tearful face, she begged,

"Let me go… Don't..."

Her helpless voice still couldn't stir the man's pity.

"As long as I want you, I'll have you anytime!" he said ruthlessly, leaving no room for her to react.

"No, don't do that..." She began to weep bitterly, and she tugged imploringly at Brody's clothes with her cold and helpless hands.

Even her crying did not stir any remorse in this cold-hearted man.

However, her look satisfied Brody's need for revenge.

"Get up!" He lifted her up from the floor.

She screamed and cried out in a low voice until he had given vent to the great hatred that poisoned his soul.

Finally, Tracy collapsed to the floor in a disheveled heap. Brody stared at her coldly and asked, "Can't you even stand?"

Tracy raised her head, and the humiliation and pain in her eyes had disappeared.

She smiled bitterly and said, "Just do whatever you want, as long as you are happy."

She was now staring at him without blinking, grinning from ear to ear.

He was her husband, her husband.

"But I promise... you will regret it." she added in a deliberate but firm tone.

When Brody heard her words and saw her tears, he suddenly became aware of a different feeling that stirred in his heart.

He didn't like this unfamiliar feeling.

Tracy then slammed the door and left the heartless man standing alone.

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