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   Chapter 1 Love Me Forever

The Devil's Lure By Xi Ying Characters: 6983

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On the seventeenth day of the eighth lunar month, YT Group's 27-year-old CEO, Brody Ye, and the 21-year-old daughter of the SU Group, Tracy Su, took their marriage vows. On this auspicious day, the Ye Family's luxurious mansion was decked out in festive decorations in celebration for the joy and expectations of the event.

Later that night, at half past eleven, Tracy Su stumbled up the stairs in a white dress.

"Bang!" The bedroom door was suddenly thrust open by her. When she turned around and prepared to close the door behind her, a handsome yet devilish face suddenly filled her vision.

Her hand instantly froze on the doorknob, and the fear in her eyes expanded. She wanted to run, but it seemed as if her feet had taken root to the spot, and she could not move.

"Run, run away! Why don't you run?"

Brody Ye said expressionlessly from where he stood at the door. His cold voice seemed to cut to the bone and chilled her to the marrow.

Hearing the malicious voice, Tracy Su came to her senses and withdrew her hand from the doorknob. Then she spun around and ran towards the window.

However, as she opened the window–

"Come back here–"

An angry voice sounded, and then Tracy Su was pulled by a strong force, and her back collided with a strong chest.

Instantly, the window was slammed shut.

"Let me go, Brody! Why did you do this to me? Do you hate me so?" Tracy Su shouted as she struggled in Brody Ye's vice-grip arms.

She was the pitiful image of misery, but her newly wedded husband was unmoved by her tears.

She looked up at him with large fear-filled eyes, remembering that only moments before he had been in the living room and had treated her so disrespectfully in front of the servants. To do that kind of thing to her in public.

She was afraid of the kind of man she had married.

Brody Ye clamped his hands over her struggling hands and smiled coldly. "You have clearly overestimated yourself. If you want to know why, you should go ask your father. But first, since you are now married to me, you should fulfill your duty as my wife."

"No, don't do that..." With her eyes shining with innocent tears, Tracy looked at her husband with great fear.

What he said made no sense for her. She had no concept of what had happened between her father and him, or of what kind of hatred had resulted because of it.

She didn't know why, but her father had suddenly ordered her to marry Brody. Neither did she have thought that this strange husband her father had chosen would be so cold and ruthless.

"No matter whether you want it or not, it's not up to you anymore!"

What Brody said stripped Tracy's nerves raw. Instinctively, she nervously clenched her fingers onto the fabric of her dress.

"Brody, you should know that no matter what kind of grudge you hold against my father, it is a matter between you and him, and it has nothing to do with me. It is unfair to punish me."

Tracy shivered in his arms, hoping to appeal to his humanity.

However, Brody moved to grab her. Tracy continued to try and push him away, and she helplessly beat her fists on his chest.

She felt wronged. She had not accepted her forced marriage to Brody, and she was the victim, but now it seemed that all the blame was being laid at her door.

"Unfair to you? Hasn't your father told you what he has done? It's something worse than a beast. Or perhaps he doesn't dare to tell you what he has done? Is everything he does fair to


Because of her struggling, Brody raised his voice angrily and ruthlessly dumped her body on the bed.

"Let go of me!" shouted Tracy, as she stared up at Brody, who had placed himself on top of her. Desperately, she wiggled in panic – seeking escape. However, his body remained motionless, pressing down on her like a huge stone.

When Tracy was exhausted, she raised her tearful eyes and weakly said, "If you don't like me, and you hate me, then don't touch me..."

"It's your duty!"

Brody interrupted her, before she could even finish speaking.

She could only sneer at him as understanding dawned on her.

In his eyes, she was merely a tool and there for his use.

Tracy was shocked and felt a chill overcome her. She trembled helplessly and completely stopped struggling then.

"Fine!" she sadly whispered and closed her eyes in despair, tears rolling over her distraught cheeks.

Their marriage was the result of an absurd decision that came like a bolt from the blue. She shouldn't foster any hope, should she?

"Desperate yet? Now is only the beginning. I'll ensure that you know what it feels like living in hell."

Tracy's sudden silence had surprised the man who had been abusing her, but soon his callousness returned coldly.

All of a sudden, Tracy's body froze and her closed eyes fluttered as tears decorated her long eyelashes. Very soon, a sneer of self-mockery tugged at the corners of her lips, where her lip gloss had run with her tears.

Whatever… he could do whatever he wanted. After entering the ogre's den, she couldn't expect to find any happiness.

Soon, there was only the whimpering of the woman that filled the bedroom.


The next day, long after noon, Tracy slowly opened her eyes. She didn't even bother to look around. Her home had become an unfamiliar house, with an unfamiliar bedroom, and unfamiliar people. Everything reminded her of what had happened last night Moving slightly, she became aware of an intense pain all over her body, especially in her loins.

She struggled to sit up, enduring the pain. Looking down, she found that she was dressed in pajamas. She snorted with self-mockery. He must have changed her into the pajamas.

Soon, Tracy's eyes turned dull, and her ears seemed to ring with the echo of his cold words. "Desperate yet? Now is only the beginning. I'll ensure that you know what it feels like living in hell."

After a long while, Tracy grew accustomed to the pain and staggered off the bed to wash her face and rinse her mouth. However, she was stopped dead in her tracks by a sound from the study.

In the study, Brody was sitting upright next to the phone. "Horace Su, do you want to know how your daughter enjoyed her wedding night?" The cold voice was accompanied by hints of cruelty and hatred.

"What? What did you do to my daughter?" A trembling, worried voice sounded from the other end of the line.

Noticing the concern of the man on the other end of the call, Brody flashed a cold and satisfied smile at the corners of his mouth. "Then you have to ask yourself just how you treated Juliet in the past, and know that I treated your daughter exactly the same."

"What?! Okay, I admit my mistakes. It's all my fault. But Tracy is innocent. Please don't hurt her."

The voice on the other end of the line was filled with the sound of pleading.

"When you pushed her down those stairs three years ago, you should have known this outcome was inevitable."

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