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   Chapter 231 Albertan Left

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"Then why do you need to ask someone you don't want to admit for help?"

"I..." Albertan said slowly, but she didn't go on. Nicole's questioning made her speechless.

After all, Albertan was highly educated. Although there were some problems in her concept, she was not a hysterical and unreasonable person like Selina. Facing such a strong Nicole, for the first time, she did not know how to defend herself.

Because Nicole didn't say anything wrong.

"Sorry, I have to go now. Please forgive me if I offend you. " Nicole slightly bowed to Albertan and left the greenhouse.

Although her words were full of joy, she was still despised and felt uncomfortable.

After walking along the corridor for a few steps, Nicole suddenly saw Jacob in front of her. She stopped in surprise and asked, "You... Why are you here? "

"I just used up the spade and decided to put it back. What's wrong? Aren't you sleeping? Why are you here? "

Hearing his tone, Nicole was sure that he didn't hear the conversation between her and Albertan. She smiled and shook her head, "I'm awake. I come out to see you."


"Why do you take the spade?" Nicole changed the topic.

Jacob pointed at the other side of the corridor, which was the opposite direction of the greenhouse. "I turned over the soil in my garden. Several roses are about to bloom."

"Roses?" Nicole was surprised.

"Well, do you want to have a look?" Jacob suggested.

Nicole couldn't believe that he could plant roses. She nodded and said, "Okay, okay. Let's have a look."

"I'll take you there."

Jacob held Nicole's hand and walked into the garden as if nothing had happened. Nicole turned her head and looked at the greenhouse. She happened to see Albertan coming out of the greenhouse and standing at the door, looking at her and Jacob.

Gritting her teeth, Nicole said nothing and left with Jacob.

When they arrived, Nicole found that the garden was at least several times larger than the ordinary garden. There were all kinds of flowers and plants. One of them was planted with roses.

"Wow!" Nicole couldn't believe her eye


Turning his head to look at Nicole, Jacob teased, "Why should I blame you?"

"The way I talked to aunt was so impolite... "

"Yes, it is. But you didn't say anything wrong."

"But Auntie is an elder after all..."

Jacob was completely amused by Nicole's words. He looked down at Nicole and said, "Weren't you very confident when you defended my mother just now? Why are you so timid now? Are you afraid that I will be unreasonable to protect my mother?"

Being seen through, Nicole had nothing to say but to pretend to be dumb.

"Well, don't think too much about it. What you said is good, which makes my mother look at you with new eyes." Jacob rubbed Nicole's hair.

Confused, Nicole asked, "How do you know?"

Waving the letter in his hand, he raised his eyebrows and said, "If my mother hadn't changed her opinion of you, how could she let you live in the main house of the Gu family?"

"But didn't she leave angrily?"

"You are so stupid. She left because she was too embarrassed. Let's go to London to see her when she is relieved. " Jacob held Nicole's hand and said, "let's go. Dinner is ready."

Nicole was still confused. She didn't expect that the change would come so fast. What's more, she didn't expect that her hard-working would gain respect.

When she was led forward, she looked up at Jacob, whose eyes were full of sorrow. But it was much better than before.

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