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   Chapter 229 Jacob, Let's Have A Rest Together

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Nicole followed Jacob through the long corridor and entered the main house.

The main house of Gu family was a combination of European style and Chinese style. It was spacious and magnificent, like a mansion of a rich family in the Republic of China.

"Mr. Jacob." On the way, The servants all bowed to greet Jacob when they met Jacob and Nicole. Nicole, who was held in Jacob's arms, felt very embarrassed.

As soon as they entered the main hall, Nicole saw Albertan sitting on the sofa. Seeing that Albertan was looking at her, Nicole lowered her eyes and greeted softly, "Hello, auntie."

"Mom, Nicole has brought her own dumplings. Would you like to have a taste?" Jacob asked Albertan.

Albertan didn't say anything but looked depressed.

"Well, let's go to the dining room." With these words, Jacob held Nicole in his arms and walked towards the dining room in front of Albertan.

With a lingering fear, Nicole secretly glanced at Albertan. Seeing that Albertan was looking ahead with empty eyes, Nicole didn't know what she was thinking about. The storm Nicole thought didn't come, which made her a little surprised.

Was it because of the death of Jacob's father that Albertan was too heartbroken to care about her?

"What are you thinking about?" Jacob pulled out a chair to push Nicole to sit down, and naturally took the food box from Nicole.

"Not bad. It's still warm." Nicole took out the dumplings from the container and said, "this is the vinegar we bought. Try it. If it's not good, you can use your own instead."

Jacob shook his head, grabbed his chopsticks and started to eat the vinegar in the pot.

Seeing that Jacob had eaten for a while, Nicole looked in the direction of the main hall with confusion and asked, "is your mother all right?"

"No," Jacob answered curtly

It seemed that Jacob was at odds with Albertan. Seeing that Jacob was unhappy when she mentioned Albertan, Nicole stopped asking.

After a while, Jacob ate up all the two dishes of dumplings. Nicole smiled with relief and said, "I was worried that you had dinner. You have no space in your stomach. I didn't expect that you could finish all.

Jacob took a sip o

cole, who was enjoying the pictures, and the two lay on the bed, face to face.

"Do you miss me these days?" Jacob asked.

Holding back her laughter, Nicole asked Jacob, "what about you? Do you miss me?"

"What do you think?"

"What do you think?" Nicole asked as Jacob, pretending to know the answer. She leaned forward and stared at Jacob with her watery eyes.

The two were so close that Jacob lowered his head and he could kiss on Nicole's lips.

The long lost kiss and the familiar smell made Nicole moved. However, thinking of the situation at the moment, she restrained the uproar in the bottom of her heart.

"Stop it. This is your home." As Nicole retreated, she warned Jacob.

Jacob didn't keep playing with Nicole as usual. Instead, he pulled Nicole into his arms, put his forehead against Nicole's forehead and closed his eyes slightly.

"Are you tired?" Seeing the dark circles in Jacob's eyes, Nicole felt sorry for him and gently touched them with her fingertips.

"Yes," said Jacob. He held Nicole's fingertips and sighed, "I'm tired."

Nicole also lowered her voice and said to Jacob in a gentle and comfortable tone, "if you are tired, just have a rest."

"Okay..." With his eyes closed, Jacob acted like a spoiled child, "are you also sleepy?"

"Okay, let's have a rest together."


Jacob's steady breathing came from the bedroom. Nicole looked at Jacob without blinking. Her eyes were so soft.

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