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   Chapter 228 She will be Mrs. Gu in the future

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"Nicole... I... " Bevis wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He didn't notice that the expression on Michelle's face had changed. She had become so nervous and terrible.

Frightened by such an expression, Nicole was about to leave when she felt her waist tightened.

"What are you talking about?" Jacob hugged Nicole and asked.

"Mr. Jacob. I'm sorry. I... "

"Are you going to leave?" Jacob interrupted her greeting and said to Bevis indifferently.

"……" Michelle was embarrassed, but she didn't dare to get angry or question Jacob. If she hadn't been with Bevis, she wouldn't have come to this occasion, let alone talk to Jacob.

Bevis nodded, "I'm leaving. Let's meet some other day. "


"See you." Bevis left first. Not only didn't he help Michelle out, but he also ignored her. Michelle gritted her teeth and ran after him.

Watching the two leaving, Nicole was speechless.

"What's wrong?" He asked Nicole.

Nicole said helplessly, "I used to think she was bad and scheming. Now it seems that she is also pitiful. She tried every means to grab other people's boyfriend, but she did not get love."

Jacob didn't take it seriously. He said coldly, "Poor people must have hateful points. She deserves it. She can't blame anyone else."

"Yes, so it's more pathetic."

With a sigh, Nicole looked at him affectionately and asked gently, "What about you? Can you still hold on?"

"I don't know. I have to." Jacob looked indifferent, as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

Nicole put her palm on his finger and said seriously, "Don't be afraid. I'll be with you."


David died in a car accident all of a sudden. The burden on Jacob's shoulder was much heavier than Nicole had imagined. Nicole hadn't seen him for nearly a week since the funeral.

She knew Jacob was busy, so she seldom contacted him. She learned the latest news about Jacob through watching news and gossips.

After the accident, Mrs. Judy knew that Nicole was sad. Even when she saw that Nicole sighed sadly because of Jacob, she didn't say anything bad about Nicole.

"Nicole? Nicole? "

"What?" Realizing what had happened, Nicole looked at her mother in panic.

Mrs. Judy took the basket from Nicole's hand and said helplessly, "what are you thinking about? The vegetables are almost crushed by you."

Nicole looked down at the m

mother refused to meet guests today. I... "

"Wait a minute. I'll pick you up." Said Jacob, striding out.


Under the watchful eyes of the guards, Nicole hung up the phone and smiled awkwardly, waiting for Jacob.

Two minutes later, Jacob showed up.

"Mr. Jacob." The guards bowed in unison.

With a slight nod, he strode towards Nicole and held Nicole's hand, "have you been waiting for a long time?"

"No, I just arrived." Shaking the food box in her hand, Nicole smiled and said, "have you eaten yet? I made dumplings. Would you like some?"

"Okay." Jacob walked into the house with Nicole in his arms. When he passed by the guard with his head down, he suddenly stopped.

Not knowing why Jacob suddenly stopped, Nicole turned to look at him in confusion.

He glanced at the guards and said in a low voice, "She will be Mrs. Gu in the future. She can go in and out freely. Don't stop her."


Being called Mrs. Gu in front of so many people, Nicole felt a little shy and embarrassed. After all, she hadn't been here before. It was reasonable for the guards not to know her to stop her.

"If you don't eat now, the dumplings will be cold." Said Nicole in a low voice, tugging at Jacob's sleeve.

"Okay, let's go." Jacob then withdrew his sight, held Nicole in his arms and walked into the house.

It was not until they went far that the guard who had stopped Nicole let out a long sigh of relief. God knew how much cold sweat he had sweated in just a few seconds.

It was not because he was blind, but this future Mrs. Gu dressed too low-key and simple!

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