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   Chapter 223 Nervous, Jacob

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"I mean..."

Nicole's expression changed from surprise to happiness, "Mom, is that true! You agreed to our relationship! " If Judy didn't just come back from the hospital, Nicole would have picked her up and circled around excitedly.

A touch of embarrassment flashed through Judy's eyes. She said awkwardly, "no, I just want to call him over. I want to meet him first. Of course, he is so busy that he may not be able to spare time... "

"Of course he can!" "I'll tell him now. It's great that you are willing to see him. You will definitely like him. He's really good." said Nicole

She hadn't seen him yet, but her daughter praised him like this. It seemed that her daughter had been caught to death. As an outsider, Judy sighed helplessly and turned back to the bedroom. "Tell him. I'm going to have a rest first."

"Okay! Mom, have a good rest! " Seeing that her mother's bedroom door was closed, Nicole turned around and dialed Jacob's number. She told him that Judy wanted him to come here.

Jacob stammered.

"Really... Really? "

"Of course it's true. My mother just said that when you are free, she wants to meet you."

Jacob blurted out, "I have time now..." Then he thought it was too hasty, so he said to Nicole, "I'll go to your home tomorrow morning."


"By the way, is there anything special in your family? It's just a kind of custom that I should pay my attention. " Jacob asked cautiously.

Frowning, Nicole thought for a while and couldn't think of any customs, so she said casually, "nothing special. It seems that It's better to prepare double things if someone come to visit my parents. That's it."

"Got it. I'll do that."

For this rare progress, Nicole was extremely happy. She held the phone excitedly and talked with Jacob on the phone for nearly an hour until her lips were dry but she had not finished what she wanted to say.

Most of the time, Jacob listened in quiet. Sometimes he would say something, but Nicole would say a lot.


and on his forehead. After a few seconds of relaxation, he said lightly, "I'll pick a few. You can take the rest back."

"What?" The assistant was confused. "Where should I take them back?"

"Give them to someone else, or you can use them yourself." Jacob deliberately glanced at the dark circles in the assistant's eyes and said, "judging from your complexion, your kidney is not very good which needs nutrition."

The assistant didn't have time to defend himself, but he also didn't dare to. He could only watch Jacob choose eight boxes from the two cars he had bought. Each hand was holding four boxes. The red boxes looked very festive.

"Well, I'll give you the rest." Jacob didn't say anything more. He carefully put the gifts he had chosen into the car and started the car.

The assistant was left alone, weeping silently in the wind, of course, tears of joy.

Although he almost didn't need these health care products for middle age and old age, he was satisfied that he could satisfy Jacob after working all night.

After getting in the car, Jacob sent a message to Nicole, telling her that he was on the way. Nicole was surprised at his fast speed, but she didn't say anything else.

Although Jacob looked calm, he was very nervous. His hands, holding the steering wheel, were sweaty in the air-conditioned car.

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