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   Chapter 220 Is That Because Of Money

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Judy was discharged from the hospital after another week.

On the day when Judy was discharged from the hospital, Jacob wanted to pick up Judy, but was refused by Nicole. She was afraid that something bad would happen to her mother again when her mother saw Jacob. Although Jacob felt uncomfortable being rejected, he could understand.

Instead of coming, Jacob sent a car. The spacious and comfortable SUV was much better than the narrow taxi seat for the patient.

"Mom, be careful." Nicole carefully helped Judy get in the car and fastened the seat belt for her.

Then she sat down in the back seat with Jim.

After the car started, she turned on her phone and sent a message to thank Jacob.

Jacob didn't reply immediately. After waiting for a few minutes, Nicole thought that he must be busy, so she put the phone into her pocket and concentrated on taking care of her mother in the front passenger seat.

Because it was in the morning and it was not lunch time, there were few cars on the road and the road was smooth. After a while, the car arrived at the place and stopped downstairs.

Nicole helped Judy get off the car, and Jim ran to open the door. Judy got out of the car and said the first sentence after she was discharged from the hospital. She said to Nicole, "Nicole, We haven't paid the fare yet."

Hearing what Judy said, the driver quickly bowed and said, "Mr. Gu has already paid the fare. There is no need to give it again."

Nicole didn't expect the driver to be so straightforward. She looked at Judy quickly for fear of making her angry. But to her surprise, Judy didn't say anything. Just Her eyes changed and she turned around to go upstairs.

"Mom, slow down." Gritting her teeth, Nicole held her mother's arm.

Back home, Judy went to bed. Nicole stayed at the bedside for a while and planned to cook some dishes for Jim.

She looked at her mother's gaunt and sallow side face and sigh

ho covets vanity, nor hurt my family for a man. I really don't want to make you angry, but I didn't expect that you would have a relapse because of me again. I really feel bad these days. "

Nicole said a lot in one breath. She couldn't help but burst into tears and hit her mother's hand.

Judy shook her head helplessly and raised her hand to wipe Nicole's tears.

"Well, forget it. Let's stop talking about it."

"But Mom, i... "

"I'm tired."

Hearing what Judy said, Nicole restrained all her emotions at once. She held back the sadness and unwillingness in the bottom of her heart and nodded, "Mom, have a rest. I'll cook for you and call you for dinner later."


Nicole was afraid that she would lose control and burst into tears if she stayed one more second. Biting her lips, she tucked Judy in, turned around and left the bedroom quickly.

Outside the bedroom, Jim's face was full of disbelief.

"Sister..." Looking at Nicole's tearful face, Jim asked slowly, "is what you just said true?"

"What?" Nicole was at a loss for words.

Jim looked aggrieved and indignant. "Did that man give you the money? Including the money I have to pay for the accident. Did he give them all to you? So, sister, was that because of the money? Don't you like him? "

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