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   Chapter 219 You, Such Idiot

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The second day, Nicole woke up in the afternoon. Although her head was still heavy, she was in a better mental state.

"Are you awake? Get up and eat something. " Jacob's voice rang in the room.

Nicole sat up with her hand on her forehead, staring at Jacob, and began to recall what had happened on the night before.

She remembered that she was having porridge with Jacob at that moment. After that, she really wanted to sleep. Afterwards, she couldn't remember anything.

"Why did I suddenly fall asleep?" Nicole yawned and said helplessly.

Hearing that Nicole doubted what had happened last night, Jacob immediately said, "you have insisted too long and haven't eaten enough. Last night, you ate porridge to warm your stomach, so you are too sleepy."

Nicole didn't doubt his answer. She let out a plaintive sigh, lifted the quilt and was about to get up. Suddenly, she remembered what Jacob had said before she fell into sleep.

"Did you say last night that..." Nicole was in a daze, so she was not sure if her memory was wrong.

Jacob didn't deny it. Before Nicole finished her words, he nodded and said, "yes."

Nicole collapsed on the bed, not knowing how to react.

"Come here and eat something." Jacob called again.

Nicole got up in a hurry, went into the bathroom and washed herself before sitting next to Jacob.

There was a pile of food on the table, which was put in an incubator. Sitting aside, Jacob was holding a stack of documents in his hands.

"Go Ahead." Jacob only said two words, which sounded like an order at first glance.

Nicole peeked at Jacob, the she opened the lunch box and took a small bite. While eating, she was thinking about what Jacob had said last night.

Was that true? How could Albertan, who was so reluctant, agree to her marriage with Jacob?

"Don't look at me. Focus on your meal."

Nicole, who peeked at Jacob from time to time, was exposed and lowered her h

oon as he finished, he added, "but I won't be bad to you."

"You Such idiot..."

After the two of them flirted with each other for a while, Jacob sent Nicole back to the hospital. Although he didn't want to leave Nicole, and he really wanted to hold Nicole all the time and kiss her, he knew that it was not appropriate at this moment.

Moreover, since he and Nicole had known each other and were trying to overcome the obstacles together, it was just a matter of time for them to be intimate.

After a good sleep and good news, Nicole was refreshed.

"Sister, you are back." Seeing Nicole, Jim greeted her obediently and stuck out his tongue.

"Well, how is mom? Is everything okay? "

"Mom is fine. She just finished infusion and is sleeping now."

Hearing this, Nicole nodded, gently pushed the door open and walked in.

Jim, who was standing outside, was still confused. He had thought that his sister would scold him because he had helped Jacob lie to her last night.

He didn't expect that his sister not only didn't mention a word, but also seemed to have a good sleep. Was she very happy?

At the same time, Jim admired Jacob more. It was amazing that Jacob made his stubborn sister sleep happily!

Jacob, who was reading files in his car, suddenly sneezed.

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