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   Chapter 217 Nicole, You Look So Haggard

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"Hello, I'm Jim Du. I got your name card from you. I..."

Hearing it was Jim, Jacob quickly walked to an empty room and closed the door.

"It's you. What's wrong? Is your mother feeling better now?" Jacob guessed boldly when he heard Jim's voice was not so sad.

Jim nodded and looked at Judy's ward from time to time. He said to Jacob, "mom has been transferred to the general ward today. She just woke up for a while and then fell asleep again."

If she was transferred to the general ward, her life would be out of danger.

Jacob felt relieved and answered incoherently, "Okay, that's good, that's good."

"Okay..." The reason why [Jim called him was not only because he was told by Jacob, but also because he thought that Jacob should be able to help him with the current situation.

"What's wrong? Tell me. Jim, where is your sister? Is she okay? " Jacob took the initiative to ask as Jacob felt that Jim wanted to say something.

Jim answered honestly, My "sister is not good."

"What's wrong with her?" Jacob said in upset.

Jim shook his head, "she feels fine. She's been guarding my mother outside the ICU these days, but she doesn't sleep much. She's been staring blankly, and she's not in a good mood. Besides, she seems to have some conflict with my mother. "

"Okay..." Jacob closed his eyes. The conflict between Judy and Nicole was also caused by him. "Jim, please take good care of your mother and sister these days. When your mother calms down, you can call me again, okay?"

Jim nodded, "okay."

"Besides, if your sister doesn't go to bed tonight, please tell me and I'll take her to bed."

"Okay. Then I'll go back to the ward first. I'll call you later. "

"Okay, go ahead," said Jacob gently

After the phone was hung up, Jacob heaved a long sigh. He was glad that Judy was fine and that everything could be redeemed.

After tidying up his emotions and expressions, Jac

. Now let go of me first. I'm going to see a nurse."

"No nurse." Jacob winked at Jim. After Jim turned around and left, he continued, "I asked Jim to call you here. I have something to tell you."

"Jim..." Nicole looked around but did not find Jim.

Jacob heard from Jim on the phone that Nicole didn't have a rest for a few days. He felt so sorry for her when he saw the real person and saw the haggard look of Nicole.

He couldn't help hugging Nicole and holding Nicole tightly.

"Jacob This is the hospital... " Nicole was so tired that she didn't have the strength to push Jacob away. She nestled on his chest and weakly expressed her resistance.

Jacob felt that the piece of paper in his arms was about to break at any time, like a person who was holding a piece of paper. He said with concern, "well, let's leave first."

"Leave?" Nicole raised her voice, "where are we going? I won't go anywhere. "

Seeing Nicole's expression, Jacob knew that Nicole wouldn't go to rest with him obediently. He thought for a while and said to Nicole, "I have something to tell you. Would you like to listen to me?"

"What do you mean?"

"You go to a place with me first." With Nicole in his arms, Jacob walked towards the elevator. "I'll tell you as you go with me."

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