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   Chapter 214 No Way!

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Jacob didn't go back to Gu family immediately after he left the hospital. He went to DF Restaurant first to buy his mother's favorite cakes. Then he went to the main house.

When he arrived, his mother was not at home. According to the servants, Albertan went out to have tea with other ladies and wouldn't be able to come back shortly.

Jacob put the cake on the table and sat on the chair in a daze for a while. Then he stood up and went to the kitchen.

When the servant saw him enter the kitchen, she immediately walked up to him and asked, "Mr. Jacob, what do you want to eat?"

"No, I'll cook a few dishes." Jacob rolled up his sleeves and ordered, "all of you can go out now. I'll cook here alone."


Jacob seldom cooked. He could only cook a few dishes, and the taste was ordinary, not very delicious. His cooking was really not as good as the servants of Gu family. But he had something important to talk with his mother today. Since he was waiting, he might as well do something.

He made a braised pork, a crab tofu and two stir fried vegetables. As soon as the dishes were out of the pot, Albertan came back.

"My lady, Mr. Jacob is back." The servant reported respectfully as soon as Albertan came in.

Albertan smiled as if she had expected this. She handed the delicate handbag to the servant and asked, "where is he now?"

"He is cooking in the kitchen."

"Cooking?" Albertan was slightly surprised, which was somewhat beyond her expectation.

Just then, Jacob came out of the kitchen with the dishes he had prepared. He looked at Albertan from a distance and said, "Mom, wash your hands and have dinner."

Albertan nodded calmly as if nothing had happened and replied, "okay."

After the two sat down at the table, Jacob took off his apron and pushed the dessert on the table towards Albertan. "I went to DF Restaurant to buy it for you before I came here."

Albertan picked up a piece of cake and put it into her mouth, smiling, "Good, I like it the most. My dear son is so filial. "

An unnatural look flashed across Jacob's eyes, but his expression didn't change. He still helped Albertan] pick up food with a

b's hand and snapped, "what did you say? Say it again! "

"I said I plan to marry Nicole this year." Jacob repeated.

Albertan stood up all of a sudden, pointed at Jacob and shouted angrily, "shut up!"

When the servants saw that the situation was not right, they immediately hid far away. Seeing that his mother finally gave in pretending, Jacob also stood up.

"Take back what you just said!" Albertan was so angry that she trembled, "don't mention a same word from now on. I'll take it as nothing has happened!"

"No." Jacob stopped laughing face and said to Albertan seriously, "I can't take back what I said, not to mention that I'm serious. Mom, I really want to marry Nicole. You can't stop me. "

Albertan was so angry that her chest kept heaving. "What? Are you threatening me?"

"Of course not. I just want to tell you my determination."

"Enough!" Albertan sneered, "how dare you say that to me? You bought me desserts and cooked for me just for these words, right?"

That was the fact. So Jacob didn't defend himself.

Albertan was pissed off. Although she knew that her son did all these to please her for the sake of Nicole, she was happy that her son could be so considerate. If he just wanted to put in a good word for Nicole's recklessness, Albertan thought it was acceptable. Her son was sensible.

But marriage? No way!

She would never be fooled to agree this marriage by just a cake and few dishes!

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