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   Chapter 213 Jacob, You Can Leave Now

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Jacob's mother's words were like a slap on Nicole's face.

Indeed, if her mother knew that she was with Jacob, she would definitely be mad. And she still kept it from her until Jacob's mother came to her.

It was not only a shame, but also anger and disappointment.

Nicole gave the phone back to Jacob feebly, walked back and sat beside Jim.

"Sister..." Jim called Nicole worriedly.

"I'm fine. I'm fine." Repeated Nicole. She leaned back against the cold wall, staring blankly at the white ceiling.

It was her fault. She was so immersed in the so-called love that she forgot her mother who had been kept in the dark.

If she had realized this earlier, she would have thought that Albertan wouldn't let it go and tried to tell her mother about her relationship with Jacob. Maybe the result would be different.

After hanging up the phone, Jacob walked to Nicole, sighed slightly, put his hand on Nicole's shoulder and pinched it.

"I'm sorry..." Jacob apologized in a low voice.

Nicole looked down at Jacob and saw his guilty look. She shook her head and said lightly, "you don't have to say sorry. It's my fault. It's all my fault."

"Nicole, I will fix the problem with my mother. It won't happen again..."

"You can leave now. I don't want to hear you say that now." Nicole didn't want to hear what Jacob was saying. She closed her eyes and showed a gesture of refusal.

Jacob stood still, looking a little hurt.

Jim took a look at Nicole and then at Jacob. He pushed away Jacob's hand which was on Nicole's shoulder and looked at Jacob seriously. "You can go back first. I can take care of my sister." As he spoke, he winked at Jacob, indicating him to leave first.

Jim had been guessing the relationship between Jacob and Nicole since the moment Jacob showed up with Nicole. He sat quietly and looked at his sister, who had always been polite and alienated, getting angry with this man. He guessed that this man was the boy

for me here. I'll go buy it."

Jim frowned with worry, "sister..."

"I'll go." Nicole repeated without any hesitation. She picked up her handbag and said indifferently, "you stay here in case the doctor asks me to do something, I'll go to buy some food and a folding bed."

"…… Okay, take care. "

"I will."

Nicole let go of Jim's wrist and left. She was in a panic. She couldn't vent her anger in hospital. She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she would cry in front of the family of other patients and nurses passing by occasionally.

So she wanted to go downstairs and leave for a while. Of course, she was also worried about Jim. She didn't want Jim to go out of the hospital alone at night.

Nicole's legs were weak, and it was difficult for her to walk on the stairs, so she took the elevator downstairs. She took a few steps out of the elevator and went out. The moment the cold wind blew on her face, Nicole burst into tears.

She strode out of the hospital, tears streaming down her face. It was dark now. Although there were street lights along the road, the light was not clear, so no one could see her crying.

In fact, even if someone saw it, even if Nicole cried loudly, it was understandable in the hospital.

Because the hospital itself was a mournful place.

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