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   Chapter 209 I Want To Marry You

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Jacob's apologies softened Nicole's heart.

In fact, even if Jacob didn't say sorry, she wouldn't blame him. After all, it was reasonable for him to think like that in that situation.

After she met him again, Jacob was really mean to her and always spoke ill of her and disrespected her. But after getting along with Jacob for so many days, she knew very well that he was not a bad guy. He was nicer to her than others.

Besides, she loved Jacob, so she didn't want to blame him.

No matter in the past or now.

"What happened with you? Why did you suddenly appear there? Didn't you go to work?" The two hugged for a while. Nicole couldn't help but ask Jacob.

"Yes." Jacob nodded, "but I suddenly want to go back to pick you up. I want you to go to my company and have lunch with me. The driver turned around. I saw the car from my family first, and then I saw you and my mother entered the cafe together. "

Nicole felt a little helpless. It seemed that God had his own arrangement.

She had thought about when she could tell Jacob what had happened in the past. But she didn't expect that it would happen so soon in this way.

"What are you going to do now?" With a smile on her face, Nicole tried to make Jacob look more comfortable. "You can't really fall out with your mother."

Jacob thought for a while and answered, "I don't know."

"Your mother... She really loves you. " Seeing the disappointment on Jacob's face, Nicole put in a good word for Albertan.

Although she hated Albertan, she couldn't let Jacob lose his family. The reason why she loved Jacob was that she wanted the whole world to love him, not to take him as her own.

"But I can't forgive her for what she did to you." Jacob held up Nicole's face and looked into her eyes. "I promise that such a thing will never happen again. No one can easily bully you in the future, even my mother can't."

Nicole's eyes became redder. She nodded with sobs, "yes!"

"I love you." Jacob said in a light but strong voice, "Nicole, I lov

lanced at it and answered it impatiently.

"What's the matter?" He said in an unpleasant tone.

The assistant was startled by his tone. He swallowed hard and managed to calm down. "Mr. Jacob, the managers are waiting for you to have a meeting. I..."

"The meeting will be held in the afternoon." After giving the order, Jacob hung up the phone.

He looked at Nicole affectionately again.

Then, the phone rang again.

Jacob picked it up and asked coldly, "what's the matter again?"

When the driver heard the word "again", he thought he had done something wrong and was caught by the boss. He was so scared that he almost swallowed his mobile phone and commit suicide.

"Ja Mr. Jacob... "

"Tell me!"

"Mrs.... Mrs. Gu has gone back. "

"Got it."

All of a sudden, his breath relaxed. Jacob hung up the phone, looked at Nicole and said, "my mother has gone back."

Nicole heard it from the other end of the phone, but she still nodded when she heard what Jacob said.


"Don't say it." Nicole put her finger on Jacob's lips and said, "don't apologize to me. I have accepted your apology. Now, we don't owe each other anymore. "

After saying that, she felt something was wrong. Then she smiled and said, "no, I owe you. I still owe you money."

When Jacob heard Nicole mention this, his face changed again.

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