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   Chapter 205 How Could It Be

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Who is it?

Holding the phone, Nicole thought.

"Sister, who are you talking to?" Jim lighted the incense from the censer and walked to Nicole.

Shaking her head, Nicole answered, "No one."

"Consuela?" Jim guessed.

"What?" Reminded by her brother, Nicole suddenly remembered that she also needed to call Consuela to say hello. After all, Consuela had lived a lonely life in another city.

Thinking of this, Nicole dialed Consuela's number. Different from Jacob, Consuela answered the phone soon.

"Nicole! Happy new year! " Consuela said excitedly.

Affected by the happiness of Consuela, Nicole greeted her happily, "Happy new year, Consuela." Hearing this, Jim also came

a whole day's work, Jacob closed his eyes and fell asleep.

What he didn't know was that when he was on the phone, Albertan was going to give him a glass of hot milk. Then she heard the whole conversation by accident.

Through the crack of the door, she could see the happy and satisfied expression on his face.

Albertan, who had experienced all kinds of things in her life, could see at a glance what that expression meant. Only when someone faced the most important person could he show that expression.

Albertan gripped the milk cup in her hand tightly and left without saying a word.

She didn't know that her son had fallen in love with someone else.

How could it be.

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