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   Chapter 203 It Depends On My Mood

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When Jacob was still angry, his phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID and answered the phone impatiently, "hello?"

The man on the other side was frightened by the special charge's tone. He shouted in a particularly timid voice, "Mr. Jacob..."

"Tell me, what's the matter?"

"Well, I have found something about the thing you asked me to investigate, so I want to report it to you." Afraid that he might offend the boss, the man replied quickly and clearly, "through observation and tracking these days, we find that Miss Consuela seems to be pregnant."

Jacob asked, "It seems?"

His subordinate wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said firmly, "yes, I'm sure. I'm sure I'm pregnant. When she went to the hospital for a physical examination, our people found it out. What's more, I also found many boxes from the trash she threw away. The boxes are from maternal exclusive stores and infant exclusive stores "


"Mr. Jacob, what should we do next? Should we still keep an eye on her?"


Jacob was shocked by the news. He immediately thought of the unusual behavior of Nicole after she met Consuela that day. At that time, he thought it was because of the emotional fluctuation of Nicole, It should be a girl's impulse.

When he recalled the past, he guessed that Nicole had known that Consuela was pregnant, so Nicole was worried about Consuela and wanted to help her.

Since Nicole didn't tell him such an important thing, it must be Consuela who asked her to do so.

But why didn't Consuela want to tell him?


Jacob thought of the key point soon. From his point of view, Consuela seemed to like Bevis very much. That was why she chose to disappear after breaking up with Bevis. Then it was clear who was the father of the baby in Consuela's belly.

After figuring out the whole story, Jacob hesitated.

Bevis was his good friend. Should he tell him about it?

Frowning, Jacob stood up and walked to the bedroom step by step. He saw Nicole sitting in front of the computer and browsing the private messages and comments sent by her fans.

Obviously, Nicole was so focused that she didn't hear his footsteps.


mained silent. He didn't like the way Nicole talked about Bevis, nor did he like Nicole to say that Bevis was her friend. He even didn't want Nicole to have a male friend.

"Can you just help Consuela? Just take it as helping me, okay?" Nicole had no choice but to soften her tone.



Jacob nodded, "but I have a condition."

Surprised, Nicole asked, "what condition?"

"I haven't made up my mind yet. I'll tell you when I get it. You have to agree to my request. "

"Ah You won't mention anything difficult, will you? " Nicole was a little scared. She always had a sense of danger when she heard what Jacob said. She was afraid that his request would also be hard.

"Yes, I will." Jacob admitted. "You can choose not to agree and then find a way to help Consuela yourself."

Only then did Nicole realize that this was clearly a coercion. He was sure that she would not leave Consuela alone, so he put forward a domineering condition.

"You just said that you didn't want to help Consuela. Actually You just want to make a trap for me, right?" Nicole pouted and complained.

Jacob neither admitted nor denied. With a smug smile, he asked Nicole, "have you made up your mind? Yes or no?"

"…… Yes. " Glaring at Jacob, Nicole warned him angrily, "although I have promised you, don't ask too much."

"It depends on my mood." Jacob proudly pinched Nicole's chin and kissed her heavily. "Now, I'm in a good mood."

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