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   Chapter 200 His Intuition Told Him That Something Was Wrong

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"How can I not be excited? Although I don't work in the Internet circle, I know some people's ugly behaviors. Compared with those people, you are just like a primary school student. Do you know? "

Nicole smiled, "it's not so exaggerated..."

"Not that exaggerated?" Consuela said scornfully, "Do you know the famous V black song?"

"Yes, I know. She has a forthright personality. There are a lot of male and female fans."

"Drop it. In fact, she was just a punk. She had become a hot topic on the Internet. Before that, she had mocked other Internet Celebrities of the same company and even incited her fans to scold others. When she just became popular, she would look down upon the poor and laugh at the poor for their poor living quality. There are too many rumors. "

Nicole didn't like gossips. Hearing what Consuela said, she was shocked.

Consuela gave a conclusion, "Now that you are a little famous, there will be all kinds of good things and troubles coming to you. In fact, I don't know how to deal with it, but for those people on the Internet, just try to be nice. But don't trust them in heart. You have no idea when you are pushed out as an excuse and sold by them. "

"…… Well, I see. "

If there hadn't been that backstage incident, Nicole would have thought that Consuela was exaggerating. But now, she had seen the malice of her peers, so she accepted Consuela's suggestion seriously.

At the thought of that, Nicole still felt a little scared. She shook her head, forgetting what had happened that day. Then she continued to talk about the matters needing attention for pregnant women with Consuela.

Happy time was always short. Unconsciously, it was time to leave.

This time, instead of Jacob coming here himself, he sent a driver here.

"Miss Du, Mr. Jacob is waiting for you downstairs." The driver knocked on the door of Consuela and said respectfully to Nicole.

"Okay, I'll be right there." Nicole turned around and said

g serious I am just... " Nicole was in a dilemma, but she didn't say anything. She struggled for a while and said, "I want Can I go to take care of Consuela? "


"Just thinking about it..."

Jacob's face changed, "Take care of her? Are you okay? "

"No..." Nicole didn't know how to explain herself. After all, she couldn't tell Jacob that Consuela was pregnant. She hesitated for a while and said, "I just think it's not safe for Consuela to live outside alone..."

"Really?" Jacob sneered. "Are you crazy as Consuela got crazy?"

"Consuela is not crazy! She is... "

Squinting his eyes, Jacob sensitively captured the loophole in Nicole's words, "what is it?"

"She must be heartbroken!"

"Stop. Get rid of this idea immediately. "

Nicole sighed helplessly, "I said it on impulse, but I really... I don't know what to do. I really can't rest assured to leave Consuela alone there. But she didn't want to come back with me. I'm so worried about her. "

Jacob didn't say anything. His instinct told him that Nicole's worry was abnormal.

But obviously, if he asked directly, he could not get anything. He might be warned by Nicole not to meddle.

However, for Jacob, there were some things that he only needed to send someone to investigate, and he didn't need to ask directly.

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