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   Chapter 197 Go With Me

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As a man of action, Jacob soon found out where Consuela lived, in a town of the capital city of H Province.

After getting the exact information, Nicole began to pack her things and was about to look for Consuela.

"Are you sure that you are going?" Jacob asked.

Nicole nodded, "yes, I want to check how she is doing."

Jacob frowned, "what about your work?"

"I'll post it regularly in two days. If I can't bring Consuela back, I'll make sure she's fine. I'll come back before the Livestream."

"Wait!" Jacob pressed Nicole's hands which were folding clothes.

Hearing that, Nicole was stunned. She thought that Jacob wouldn't let her go, so she put on an aggrieved expression and said, "I promise, I will go there for two days at most and come back in two days, okay?"


"Two days? Can't I just leave for two days?"

"No." Jacob rolled his eyes at Nicole. Before Nicole was about to cry, he said, "I'll go with you."

Nicole didn't expect this result, "ah? Are you going with me? "

"Yes. I have something to deal with there. "

"Well, I thought you wouldn't let me go." Relieved, Nicole asked, "what about Bevis? Shall we call Bevis? "

Jacob thought for a while and shook his head.

"Why? Did he forget Consuela? "

"No. Consuela doesn't want to see Bevis now, does she? " Seeing that Nicole was so worried about Consuela, Jacob didn't tell Nicole that Bevis was back with his ex-girlfriend who had committed suicide. They got along well with each other.

"That's right. They have broken up. If he goes there, it will make Consuela sad. I'd better not call him."

After making up his mind, Jacob asked his assistant to book two air tickets to H Province that day. Together with Nicole, he set out to meet Consuela.

After getting on the plane, Nicole felt uneasy and held Jacob's hand tightly all the way.

Seeing this, Jacob comforted Nicole, "don't worry. According to the news from my subordinate, Consuela is living a good life alone."

"But the message she sent me that day was obviously not good..." Thinking of this, Nicole sighed, "Consuela is a tough woman. If she hadn't been extremely sad, she wouldn't have said that easily."

"Don't worry. We'll meet her soon."


Turning his head to

red her head and smiled, "that's good."

She said in a low voice. It was hard to tell whether she was happy or disappointed.

After sitting for a while, Jacob saw that Consuela seemed to have something to talk with Nicole, so he stood up and said, "I have something to deal with here. You guys talk first. Nicole, I'll pick you up tonight. "

"It's okay. Go ahead with your work."

After seeing him off, Consuela put on an envious look and said, "Nicole, Jacob is really good to you."

Nicole also felt this, so she did not deny, "he is really good to me, and I am also trying to be good to him."

Consuela signed, "Now that you like each other, just be together. Don't bother yourself anymore. It's lucky to meet someone that you like him and he likes you as well, really. "

"I will." Noticing that Consuela seemed to be reminded of the sad past, Nicole changed the topic with a smile. "Consuela, you look so beautiful in this dress."

"Stop kidding me. Before Consuela could finish her words, she rushed to the bathroom and began to vomit.

Startled, Nicole hurried to pat Consuela's back.

"Are you okay, Consuela?"

Consuela wiped her mouth and shook her head. "It's okay. I'm getting used to it."

getting used to it?

Nicole was stunned. Realizing that she had spilled the beans, Consuela pursed her lips and kept silent.

"Consuela, you..." Nicole couldn't believe what she had guessed, but the reaction of Consuela made her more suspicious. "You... Are you pregnant? "

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