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   Chapter 196 You Are Awesome!

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In a twinkling of an eye, another month passed, and the lunar new year was coming. When Nicole was planning her live streaming, she asked Jacob casually, "when will your company start the holiday?"

"The holiday?"

"Yes. The Spring Festival will be held in a couple of days. Your company should also give employees a holiday. "

Without raising his head, Jacob replied, "yes, it will be released according to the national standard for holidays."

"Well, what about you?"

When Jacob was sliding the screen, he paused and turned to look at Nicole, "what?"

"What's your plan then. By then, you will have a holiday. Are you going abroad for a holiday, or are you going to hang out with Frank, Bevis and others? "

"I don't know. You..."

"I have to go home to spend the Spring Festival with my mother and Jim." Nicole answered before Jacob finished his words. When she saw the lonely look on Jacob's face, she couldn't bear to think of the fight between him and the Gu family. She stood up, walked to him and sat down beside him. She said softly, "you should also go home during the Spring Festival... They will miss you. "

Jacob looked back to the screen and said lightly, "I will see."


Although Nicole also wanted to accompany Jacob, her family was still in the first place. She hadn't been with her mother and brother for a long time, so she couldn't leave them during the Spring Festival.

But if Jacob didn't want to yield to his father, would he really spend the Spring Festival alone?

This topic was obviously a little heavy. Although they didn't continue, the two of them fell silent, as if they had something on their minds.

Nicole was depressed when she received a message. She was not in the mood to check the message, thinking that it might be a trash message from an advertising company.

"Nicole, I feel so bad. I miss you."

It was a new number. Staring at the message for a few seconds, Nicole suddenly thought of a person.

She dialed the number directly. Hearing the busy tone, she was too nervous to breathe. If her intuition was right

But unfortunately, the phone was hung up.

This confirmed Nicole's conjecture.

Holding the phone in her hand, Nicole walked up to Jacob, too excited to say a word. "Jacob, I seem to have received a message from Consuela."

"You seems?" Jacob keenly found the key word in this sente

elp complaining to Jacob, "why do I feel that Consuela in this photo doesn't look like her at all. Was it because she broke up with her boyfriend? I feel like she has changed into another person. "

"Have you found out? Okay, send someone to check if it's the woman in the photo. Don't disturb her. Call me back when you got the result. "

Nicole was shocked by Jacob's call. She looked at Jacob in disbelief and asked, "really? You've found it out?"

Jacob hung up and answered, "Sort of. I'm not sure yet."

"How could it be found out so soon?"

"Guess?" Jacob kept her in suspense.

Nicole grabbed Jacob's arm and said, "tell me, how did you find it out? Do you have any hacker organization?"

Hearing Nicole's wild guess, Jacob laughed and said, "you're thinking too much. But if you need one, I can get one for you."


"Idiot. Don't you know that there are a lot of information hidden behind each photo? "

Nicole was shocked. "Do you mean that you can find where Consuela is based on the information contained in this photo?"

"No, I found the location where this photo was taken at."

"That's awesome!" Nicole jumped up and hugged Jacob tightly. If she hadn't had enough strength, she would have hugged him for circles. "Ah, ah, ah, why are you so awesome?"

Jacob turned his head and blushed.

In fact, what he said was very simple, but Nicole didn't know. But he was a little happy and embarrassed by Nicole's praise.

Therefore, as the Mr. Jacob of the Gu family and the president of an enterprise, his face turned red because of a few words.

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