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   Chapter 194 The Driver Will Pick You Up

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Nicole stayed at home for one night. On the next day, when she was about to leave, Judy was reluctant to let her leave.

"Nicole, since you are living in the dormitory of the new company now, how about your new roommates? If not good, you can invite them to dinner and get along well with them."

Afraid that her mother would go to see her if she lived outside, Nicole had to lie to her mother the first day when her mother asked about her place.

"How about I put some pickles for you and you can share them with others?"

"No, mom. We're just colleagues, not college classmates. We're not that close."

Judy was still worried, "well, you should be more careful. We don't bully others, and we can't let others bully us, understand?"

Nicole nodded heavily, "I know."

"Have you brought everything with you?"

"Yes, mom. I'll come to see you later."


Not letting her mother send her out, Nicole went downstairs alone and walked out of the community. When she walked to the gate of the community, she saw Ron, who was standing there, playing with his mobile phone with his head down.

When she was surprised, Ron suddenly looked up and saw her.

"Hi." Ron waved at Nicole and greeted her.

With a smile on her face, Nicole walked over and asked, "Why are you standing here?"

Ron shrugged, "I'm waiting for a taxi."


"How about you?" Ron asked.

Nicole replied, "I'll go back to the company."

"Take a taxi together?" Ron suggested.

Nicole shook her head and refused Ron's kindness. "No, thanks. My friend will pick me up. I'm leaving now."

Ron frowned and asked, "friend?"

"Yes. Bye. " Nicole smiled and didn't answer Ron's question. She walked to the place where the driver parked Jacob's car, opened the door and got into the car.

In fact, she could have pretended to be calm and let the driver follow her. But after all, Ron was not a member of her family, not her mother or brother. There was no need for her to pretend in front of Ron.

wiping the bathroom glass, she talked to Jacob on the phone.

"What are you doing?" Jacob asked.

"I'm tidying up. I just left for one day. Look at what you have done to the house." Nicole replied impatiently.

Jacob coughed to cover his embarrassment and immediately changed the topic. "Come out to have dinner after you done. I've reserved a seat and I'll ask the driver to pick you up later."

"…… Okay. "

Noticing the hesitation in Nicole's tone, Jacob asked, "what's wrong? What's up? "

"Not really." Nicole twisted the rag in her hand and said helplessly, "I'm just a little worried, in case someone takes a photo of me."

"You worry too much. Even if they take pictures of me, they don't dare to post it casually."

Nicole had no choice but to tell Jacob the truth, "no, of course People don't dare to do so if they know you. I'm just worried that some passers-by took pictures of me, not saying that I'm narcissistic. What if it's Keyboard man or someone who is curious about me, and even shot you on the Internet, it will be exposed."

Jacob kept silent.

"We don't have to go out to eat. How about I cook for you? What do you want to eat? Noodles or rice? " Suggested Nicole.

"Whatever." With a bang, Jacob hung up the phone.

Nicole was confused. She just suggested to cook. Why was he so angry!

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