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   Chapter 189 Why Are You So Weak

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When the car arrived at the gate of the villa, Nicole was too weak to get off.

"Why are you so weak?" With a smile, Jacob took off his suit, wrapped Nicole in it and lifted her up.

Nicole blushed with shyness. She didn't dare to look at the faces of the driver and the servants. She buried her face in Jacob's chest, like an ostrich escaping.

Jacob went back to the bedroom with Nicole in his arms directly and kicked the door. He walked slowly to the bedside and smiled, "are you still hiding?"

"Well..." Nicole turned her head and saw that they were already in the bedroom. Then she raised her head slowly.

"Weren't you very bold just now? Why are you so shy now?"

"…… Put me down! " Thinking of her irrational behavior in the car just now, Nicole blushed. "Put me down. I'm going to take a shower."

Jacob raised his eyebrows, "are you inviting me?"

"Who invited you?" Embarrassed and angry, Nicole rolled her eyes at Jacob and struggled to get off the ground.

"Don't move!" Jacob ordered and then carried Nicole into the bathroom. The bathtub was so big that Jacob kicked off his shoes and stepped into it.

He was so wanton, but Nicole could not be wanton like him.

Hugging Jacob's neck tightly, Nicole said in a hurry, "wait a minute. My shoes and clothes haven't been taken off. They will get wet."

"such a hurry?" Jacob deliberately distorted the meaning of Nicole.

"Don't be naughty. The dress and shoes can't get wet."

Jacob didn't feel sorry for them at all, "buy a new one if they are broken." Then he reached out to turn on the switch of the hot water.

"No way!" Nicole held Jacob's hand, half begging and half serious, "don't waste them. Let me take them off first."

Jacob "Then take them off just here."


"or I'll let the water go."

"Wait!" Nicole had no choice but to compromise, "okay..."

Jacob's eyes lit up. In fact, he was just bluffing Nicole. He didn't expect that Nicole would really agree to his casual request.

Biting her lips, Nicole stood up slowly in the dry and smooth bathtub with the help of the bathroom wall. She bent down to take off her high heels, and then took off the necklace and Earrings one by one.

Only by watching Nicole doing what she was doing, Jacob felt like burning.

He couldn't help licking his lips, his Adam's apple rolling up and down, and his eyes staring at Nicole without blinking.

"Can I put them here first?" Holdin

hey blow it too far? " Nicole read this article, in which they praised her as the most rare person in the world. They said that a life blogger, although she didn't show her face in the video, but in fact, she was much more beautiful than some game bloggers with beautiful makeup. They also said that she could live on her face, but she was living by a life blogger.

Jacob shrugged "I think they are telling the truth."

"What's the truth? They didn't hit the nail on the head. There were so many beautiful women present last night. I couldn't get a number at all, okay?" Nicole felt a little tired, "what's wrong with this report? Why do they insist on writing about me?"

"Isn't it good to write you down? Your fans will also rise if there is an exposure. "

"That's good, but it's just a boast and it may offend some others. In the future, I will definitely be regarded as an enemy in the company. "

Hearing what Nicole was worried about, Jacob got out of bed, put on his bathrobe and walked to the bathroom, leaving a word.

"With my support, it doesn't matter if you offend them all."

Nicole didn't want to argue with Jacob this rich man. With a long face, she continued to read reports about last night.

After reading a few articles, Nicole found another one about her.

This time, it was not bragging about her appearance, but analyzing the necklace around her neck.

Nicole clicked on the article and read it line by line. At last, she could not sit still. That necklace was actually worth... Millions?!

"Jacob!" Nicole jumped off the bed and rushed into the bathroom while calling Jacob's name.

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