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   Chapter 187 She Could Not Believe It

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"No... It has nothing to do with me... " The girl grasped Nicole's wrist and begged in a low voice, "Nicole, it really has nothing to do with me. I didn't expect such a thing to happen. I really..."

Even though Nicole was softhearted, she couldn't forgive this woman at the moment.

She trusted this girl, so she went to the room with her. She didn't expect that this girl would set her up like this. If Jacob wasn't here, she would have suffered a lot.

"Jacob..." Turning her head to Jacob, Nicole didn't want to see the girl's hypocritical face any more.

Jacob understood what Nicole meant. He pushed the girl away expressionlessly, sneered and left the dressing room with Nicole.

"I'll take care of her. You can go back to your work." Frank patted the person in charge on the shoulder and pointed at the girl standing there in a daze.

The person in charge wiped the sweat on his forehead, nodded, walked to the girl's side, and scolded angrily, "hurry up to leave!"

"No... You can't drive me away. I know nothing. You wronged me! " It was the first time for this woman to attend an activity like this. She had spent a lot of effort to get the quota. How could she be willing to be driven out directly!

"If you don't leave by yourself, I'll call the security guard in and take you out." The person in charge didn't show any kindness to this woman who had no background, no power and had even provoked Mr. Jacob.

The girl sobbed, "why... Why? "

Frank, who was watching the drama aside, cut in at the right time and commented accurately, "there is no diamond, do not get porcelain living. If you don't have a brain, don't try to frame others. "


In just more than ten minutes, everything had changed.

Her original plan was that Nicole was got by the producers, and Nicole was so heartbroken and disheveled. And Nicole would definitely miss the award ceremony, which would anger the company, and her image and career would plummet by tens of thousands of feet. At that time, she herself would become a new favorite of the company with the resources provided by the producer.

It was a good plan, but she never expected that there was such a powerful person behind Nicole.

She couldn't afford to offend him at all.

The girl walked out of the hall with a dejected face and fell on the cold conc

big V in the fashion industry were whispering to each other without raising their eyelids. Hearing this praise, they looked at Nicole and frowned.

"That one... Could it be... "

"The art of Greeno, which was auctioned in Paris some time ago?"

"It can't be true... That one was bought with one million dollars. This girl can't afford it, can she? "

All of them looked incredulous. They followed Nicole's steps and watched Nicole return to her seat.

"I think it's true."

"Me too Magic reality... "

They looked back at Nicole again and again, almost wishing to rush over and lean on Nicole to study.

At this moment, Nicole didn't know that she had been paid attention to because of a necklace. Holding the trophy in her hand, she couldn't calm down for a long time.

At this moment, she couldn't believe that her career could be so successful.

At this moment, she really wanted to run to her mother with the trophy and proudly told her mother that she had done it. In the future, her mother would not have to worry about money. Just let her do it.

As for Consuela, she wanted to thank her for her idea. She had found a new path to realize herself.

Of course, there was also Jacob.

She wanted to thank him for his company, his encouragement, his criticism and his guidance.

At the beginning, she was worried that he would block her way. But what she didn't expect was that unconsciously, he became the person she trusted most and the one who put forward her opinions most seriously.

His change made her happy and moved.

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