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   Chapter 185 Molested By A Strange Man

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The day before the new year's celebration, Jacob and Nicole went back to A City by car.

Because the annual celebration would be held in A City.

As the invited guest, Nicole put on her dress and made up in advance. Sitting in the car, she waited nervously for the red carpet to walk.

"Are you such nervous?" Sitting next to Nicole, Jacob smiled.

"Yes." Nicole kept taking deep breaths, but she was short of breath as long as she saw the surging media and the flickering spotlights outside the window.

Seeing the nervous look on Nicole's face, Jacob couldn't help worrying about Nicole. He was afraid that she would sprain her ankle or faint when she walked up later.

"What about I go with you?" Jacob suggested.

"No way!" Nicole refused Jacob without hesitation. Noticing the change of expression on Jacob's face, she explained, "if you go with me, the media will surely make up stories. The company will also blame me. "

Jacob remained silent. He thought Nicole was a fool. No matter it was the media or Nicole's company, if they saw him appear with her, it would be of great help to her career.

But if she didn't want this stunt, he wouldn't do it.

Jacob kept silent for a moment and said, "do you remember what I taught you? How can you not be nervous in front of many people?"

Nicole thought for a while, nodded, and answered while recalling, "just take them as potatoes and radishes."

"Yes." Jacob laughed lightly, "I'll teach you one more move today."

"What is that?"

"When you look at the media later, just like wave to your old classmates with a smile. Don't think too highly of them, let alone be afraid. You should know that you will be the protagonist when you go up later. "

Nicole doubted, "really?"

"Of course. Do you believe me?"

"I believe you."

Nicole nodded heavily. The next moment, her car started and slowly stopped at the end of the red carpet. The staff opened the door.

"Go ahead."


Maybe it was because of Jacob's encouragement, Nicole was very calm after getting off the car. All she thought about was what he had said, so she forgot to be nervous.

During the moment when the host introducing her, she gracefully walked through the red carpet and gracefully walked to the host.

"Hello, Miss Nicole."

"Hello, Host."

Looking at Nicole in the spotlight, a warm smile appeared in Jacob's eyes. He turned his head and ordered the driver, "let's go."

"Yes, sir."

As a partner of Awake-Morning Agency, Jacob was also invited. However,

t act rashly."

"your friend?" The man laughed, "I'm afraid your friend is too busy to care about you."

The man approached her step by step. The dressing room was not big, and Nicole had no way back. She leaned against the cold wall, gritted her teeth and threatened the man, "there are people outside. They will come as soon as I call. You'd better leave now, or you will be in big trouble!"

"You can have a try!" The man grabbed Nicole's arm and pressed it against the wall, "shout as loudly as you can. Let's see if anyone will come to you. Let me tell you, there is music playing outside. No one can hear you even if you scream. "

"No way!"

"No way? Why don't you give it a try? "

Nicole was so frightened that her legs became weak. She had never thought that she would meet such a disgusting person. She was so weak that she could not resist the fat man in front of her. At this moment, all her expectations were on the girl who went out to check the activity.

"Well, do you still count on your so-called friend?" The man's words shattered Nicole's last hope.

All of a sudden, Nicole realized why that girl who had no contact with her at ordinary times suddenly asked her to have a rest, why she suddenly left, why she did not come back after leaving for so long.

She widened her eyes in disbelief. "You... you are... So you are on the same side! "

"You just found it out?" The man smiled coldly, "but it's too late!"

"No No... " Nicole was frightened to cry.

The man twisted Nicole's arm, looked ferocious, and said in a disdainful tone, "don't pretend to be innocent in front of me. Such girl like you, I know you've slept with many bosses, okay?"

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