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   Chapter 183 Pennies Rain

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A week later, the cooperation between the Jacob's company and Awake-Morning Agency was confirmed.

As a condition of investment, Awake-Morning Agency must give great support to Nicole, provide the best team for Nicole, and make the best plan for her.

Of course, only a few senior executives of Awake-Morning Agency knew this condition. It was a secret for other staff, including Nicole.

In order to get Nicole's current performance and fans, Awake-Morning Agency quickly worked out a potential list. Without showing any special intend, they listed Nicole as the most potential Internet celebrity. They began to build the most high-quality Internet celebrity as a stunt, supporting the type of Internet celebrity like Nicole.

Hearing the news, Nicole was totally confused.

For her, the news was like 'Pennies Rain' from the sky, smashing her head, almost knocking her out.

If Alex hadn't call her repeatedly and acted more excited than her, she wouldn't have been sure if she had seen the fake news.

"You are so lucky. It's the first time that our company has supported a life related Internet blogger like this!" Alex spoke quickly and shot at Nicole's ear like a bullet. "Let me tell you, at this point, as long as you don't do anything wrong, it's absolute that you will be famous! After a few months, you will definitely become a big V! "

Hearing this, Nicole was also very excited, but she was born with vigilance for what happened all of a sudden.

After Alex finished his words, Nicole asked in a low voice, "why? Our company suddenly supports life field. Didn't we always support games and beauties field most before?"

"Who knows?" Alex didn't take it seriously. "Our employees won't understand the decision made by our leader. Don't think too much. Just work hard. You should know that not everyone is as lucky as you. As soon as the Livestream started, you got gifts from rich people. Now it's against the company's good policy. It's really good luck. "


Speaking of this rich fan, Nicole was even more confused. This fan called BC-White would crazily browse gifts for her every time she broadcast, occasionally saying a few words and raising a few opinions, but he had never hinted to ask for her private account or to meet her.

In private, Alex had seriously asked her if she had agreed to any condition from BC-White, so BC- Bai had spent so much

"You worry too much." Jacob concluded.

Nicole sneered, "no, you don't know how lucky I have been since I streamed. Someone gave me a reward at the beginning. As for BC-White who I told you, his reward made the company add publicity for me and send people to do the later stage for me. Now the company is undergoing a reform, and I'm a blogger in field which has been decided to support by our company. As the most promising one in life, I'm the first one to be taken care of. For others, they can't even imagine how lucky I am! "

"Why not? It's just to spend some money and find someone to invest in the cooperation." Jacob looked calm, as if it was as simple as eating and drinking water.

"What?" Surprised, Nicole asked, "what do you mean by 'find someone to invest'?"

Noticing that he was about to say something, Jacob pretended not to care and began to eat. "It's just a business thing. You won't understand even if I tell you. Since your company has decided to do so, you just listen to the arrangement. "

Nicole sighed, "you said the same as Alex. He said the same thing."

Jacob was displeased when he heard Nicole compare him to the manager with an unknown sexual orientation. He said arrogantly, "in my opinion, these are not the luckiest things for you."

"What do you mean? Is there anything else? "

"Yes, you got the luckiest in the world."

"What is it?" Nicole was almost dizzy.

Jacob picked up a piece of braised pork and put it into his mouth. He mumbled and swallowed it. Naturally, he said seriously, "the luckiest thing for you is that you have met me."

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