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   Chapter 182 You Should Be Responsible For It

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In the morning of the second day, Nicole opened her eyes in a daze. As usual, she reached out her hand to feel the other part of the bed but got nothing.

She rubbed her eyes and sat up yawning.

Sure enough, the other bed was empty.

Did Jacob go to the company?

Nicole got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. After that, she opened the bedroom door slowly, intending to make breakfast for herself, and by the way to the kitchen to check if there were any other ingredients.

As soon as she opened the door, the melodious and soothing piano music instantly floated into her ears, like a fine sand brushing over her feet, spreading layer by layer, gentle and long.

Nicole was stunned for a few seconds, and then she saw that Jacob came out of the kitchen with an apron on him.

"Are you awake?" When Jacob saw her, he greeted her calmly.

"Yes." Nicole was shocked by the scene in front of her and couldn't come to herself for a long time. She stared blankly at Jacob, who took the plate to the table and sat down.

Was she dreaming?

Nicole shook her head, trying to wake herself up from the dream. She felt dizzy, but the scene in front of her did not change at all.

"Come here and have breakfast." Jacob pulled out the chair and called Nicole.

"Why?" Confused, Nicole walked towards Jacob step by step and sat down beside him.

"Let's eat."

Nicole picked up the fork on the plate, looked at the fried heart-shaped eggs on the plate and muttered, "why... do you made breakfast all of a sudden. "

Jacob took a sip of the milk and replied casually, "Why why? I just do what I want."

"I don't know that you can do this." Nicole fed a sandwich herself and found it unexpectedly delicious. She asked, "when did you learn it?"

"Do I need to learn it?"

Soon, the plate was empty. Nicole touched her full stomach, still in disbelief. Jacob had never cooked before. Why did he suddenly get up to make breakfast? And it was so delicious? It was impossible.

Noticing Nicole's confusion, Jacob smiled and said confidently, "it's just a piece of cake for me. There's nothing to be surprised about."

Nicole curled her lips and asked tentatively, "are you a master cook? "


Jacob stood up, put the two empty dishes into the kitchen, took off his apron and went into the bedroom.

Nicole pouted and fol



Jacob went downstairs, humming a tune and heading to the company.

At this moment, he was neither the Mr. Jacob of the Gu family nor the CEO. He was just an ordinary man, a working man who said goodbye to his sweetheart.

He liked this kind of life very much. It was quiet and warm. He didn't need to be on guard or act. It was real and natural, making him feel comfortable every pore.

This kind of comfort reached its peak when Nicole helped him run the bath water and he fell asleep in the bathtub.

So when he woke up in the morning, he cooked breakfast for the first time for Nicole in return. Seeing how surprised Nicole was, he was overjoyed.

As for this idea, he would not tell Nicole.

When Jacob entered the office, the assistant bowed. "Good morning, Mr. Jacob."

"Morning." The joy on Jacob's face disappeared, and he went back to his work. He took a sip of the coffee that his assistant had just made and then he asked, "As for Awake-Morning Agency. Have you got the feedback?"

The assistant replied respectfully, "yes, they wanted to meet you. They want to talk with you face to face about the requirements of the business plan."

"Well, you can arrange a time and place for them to talk."

"Yes, sir."

Awake-Morning Agency, the company where Nicole worked. Previously, he went back to comfort Bevis and also did a thorough and detailed investigation of the company. After figuring out the background, Jacob had his own idea about this company.

He would like to keep whatever he liked and wanted in his own hands.

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