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   Chapter 179 Don't Embarrass Me

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"What... What? " At that moment, Nicole's heart missed a beat and she was shocked.

"What? Have you forgotten?" Judy patted Nicole's arm and said bitterly, "if you are dating with someone else outside, just tell me. I wouldn't have introduced Ron to you. You can't date with someone outside, as I introduced Ron to you. You know what?"

After a while, Nicole regained her sanity. She bit the bullet and denied, "Mom, I... I am not dating with someone else outside. "

Judy's expression was even angrier. "No date? If you are not on a date with him, why you did stay so close with a man that day? If the neighbor hadn't seen and told me about it, I wouldn't have known it! "

Nicole's brain was running fast. Based on her mother's reaction, she was sure that it must be seen by her neighbors who knew her, when she intimated with Jacob on the street.

But the neighbor didn't know Jacob.

Therefore, her mother didn't know that the man who intimated with her was actually Jacob.

After making sure that her mother didn't know it was Jacob, Nicole calmed down a lot. She explained with a smile, "Mom, it's not like what you are thinking."

"No, it's not like that? So what? "

Rolling her eyes, Nicole asked tentatively, "who told you that? Does she know that you introduced Ron to me?"

Judy shook her head, "She doesn't know. Fortunately that she doesn't know. Otherwise, people will think our family is lying. I will be so embarrassed then."

"That's good." Nicole felt relieved.

Judy was confused, "what do you mean? You haven't told me what happened! "

Holding Judy's hand, Nicole pretended to smile frankly and said, "yes, I did get close with a man on the street, but mom, that man is actually Ron."

"What?" This time, it was Judy's turn to be shocked.

"So, you have nothing to worry about. Don't always worry about what others will say about us, and don't believe in hearsay." Nicole continued to persuade.

Judy doubted, "Is that true? That man was Ron? "

Nicole nodded seriously, "of

tching the video, her fans began to question her.

She didn't go back to Jacob's villa. After the driver picked her up, they went to an office building to pick up Jacob. The two of them left together directly.

Sitting in the car, Nicole looked out of the window in a daze.

Jacob, who always spoke a few words with her, was unexpectedly quiet. He was busy typing on the computer with a serious expression.

Two hours later, the car stopped in front of the new building where they lived now.

"Here we are."

It was not until Nicole called Jacob that he came to his senses.

The two got off the car and walked into the elevator together. Looking at Jacob, who was lost in thought with the computer in his arms, Nicole asked in confusion, "how is your company?"

"It's fine. Why?" Jacob pressed the elevator button and turned to look at Nicole.

Shaking her head, Nicole answered, "No. you seem to be very busy and have something in your mind."

"HMM..." Jacob nodded, "Yes, I'm a little busy. I've got a new idea."

"Come on!" Nicole didn't know what Jacob was doing, but she could only say one or two words of encouragement.

Jacob raised his eyebrows.

He thought of the big project he was going to do next, which also had something to do with Nicole, then he showed a determined smile.

"Of course, I will try my best."

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